Breast Imaging focuses on digital and CR mammography

RSNA kept breast imagers busy with full-field digital mammography systems, CR mammo works in progress as well as breast tomosynthesis works-in-progress and other breast imaging techniques designed to complement mammography.

Agfa Healthcare shared CR Mammography 85.0, a work-in-progress that addresses the cost issue that prevents lower volume providers from implementing digital mammography. The company said it has started clinical trials for the FDA approval process.

Aurora Imaging Technology, Inc. launched the Aurora 1.5T Dedicated Breast MRI System with UltraRODEO Plus fat and normal ductal tissue suppression, AuroraCAD integrated diagnostic software, Aurora SUPERSHIM and fully integrated MRI-guided AuroraBIOPSY functionality.  

Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., the parent company of Fujifilm Medical Systems USA, introduced a single plate CR mammography reader that is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2006.  The FCR PROFECT ONE provides 18x24 cm and 24x30 cm field-of-view, as well as the ability to perform mammography, general radiography and pediatric imaging exams.

GE Healthcare introduced three new advanced imaging technologies: MR BREASE (breast spectroscopic examination), a new technique using spectroscopy to improve specificity; a new collaborative agreement with Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Endo-surgery to integrate biopsy and portable ultrasound technologies; and a new digital mammography workflow module for GE's Centricity PACS.

Hologic, Inc. demonstrated Selenia workflow solutions for healthcare professionals, highlighted its new Skeletal Health line and shared some works-in-progress.

The company touted its strategic research collaboration with The Johns Hopkins University (JHU) for the development of tomographic 3D image reconstruction of the hip utilizing Hologic's Discovery line of bone densitometers and shared its latest idea of a breast tomosynthesis system.

Its workstation of the future concept displays both digital mammograms and tomo images.

i3ARCHIVE, Inc. and IBM launched MyNDMA, a personal health management tool linked directly to i3's National Digital Medical Archive (NDMA) digital mammography archive.

Kodak's Health Group showed digital image capture systems for mammography exams. The KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR Mammography Feature for CR 850, CR 950 and CR 975 Systems offers the ability to produce mammography images using KODAK DIRECTVIEW CR Mammography Cassettes and new EHR-M screens. Clinical trials are underway and Kodak has begun the FDA pre-market submission process. KODAK Point-of-Care CR 300M System for Mammography is a work-in-progress compact, dedicated tabletop CR system for mammography applications. Kodak also shared a prototype multi-modality, multi-vendor mammography workstation.

MagView unveiled Version 5.3 for MagView Information Systems Reporting and Tracking system.

Mammography Reporting System Inc. highlighted its MRS mammography reporting and tracking system, which facilitates a paperless environment with options to eliminate the paper trail from the patient to the technologist to the radiologist.

PenRad Technologies, Inc. introduced PenVoice that incorporates audio feedback of key exam information to the radiologist and responds to spoken key words to generate or alter the narrative report while the radiologist interprets the negative exam.

Philips Medical Systems highlighted CR-based PCR Eleva digital mammography system that provides 50 microns/10 line pairs and can image 20 patients an hour. The system has been sold in Europe for 10 years. The company is working toward FDA clearance in the U.S.

Planmed displayed the Nuance Classic analog mammography unit and Planmed Nuance full field digital mammography system that is pending FDA clearance.

Sectra showcased MicroDose Mammography system that comprises the MicroDose Mammography stand and Breast Imaging PACS. It is currently in FDA trials in the U.S.

Siemens Medical Solutions presented its prototype digital breast tomosynthesis (tomo) system and showcased the MAMMOMAT NovationDR full-field digital mammography system.