Dilon, PenRad Mammography Information Systems ink marketing deal
Dilon Technologies has entered into a co-marketing partnership with PenRad Mammography Information Systems (MIS), in which Dilon will introduce the PenRad system to its Dilon 6800 gamma camera customers as a tool for patient exam analysis and reporting.

The Dilon 6800 gamma camera is a high-resolution, small field-of-view gamma camera for breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI), a molecular breast imaging procedure that images the metabolic activity of breast lesions through radiotracer uptake, according to the Newport News, Va.-based company. The Minnetonka, Minn.-based PenRad’s auditing and tracking system is designed for clinics and hospitals where BSGI is performed. The software enables facilities meet MQSA requirements by creating reports, patient letters, statistics and analytics, according to the companies.