Fujifilm previews DR full-field digital mammo system
Fujifilm Medical Systems previewed its full-field digital mammography (FFDM) system, which is based on dual-layer amorphous selenium DR detector technology and a direct conversion method, at the 94th annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last week.

Using a combination of technologies, Fujifilm said its DR-based FFDM system, with its 50-micron resolution for DR-based FFDM imaging, has a small pixel pitch for an amorphous selenium direct conversion method. Using direct optical switching (DOS) technology, image quality is enhanced with a high signal-to-noise ratio and the detective quantum efficiency for the potential for reduced dose. The DOS also improves workflow by shortening the image capture cycle time.
Its “image resolution will provide facilities with the confidence they need for the detailed visualization that’s required in mammography,” said Jeanine Rader, Fujifilm’s director of women’s healthcare. “And when added to Fujifilm’s complete lineup of versatile, scalable solutions for acquiring, processing and managing digital data, Fujifilm’s DR-based FFDM system will further increase efficiency [and] improve productivity.”

Rader told Health Imaging News that it is available for sale outside the United States. The product, which is currently nameless, will be part of the company’s women’s healthcare line, Aspire. Known as the Amulet outside of the United States, the 18 x 24 cm detector version of Fujifilm’s DR-based FFDM system was released for sale in Japan in November, and will be available for sale in Europe in January. The availability of the Amulet with a 24 x 30 cm detector is also anticipated shortly.