GE expands eco-friendly healthcare product line
GE Healthcare has expanded its portfolio of ecomagination products aimed at helping healthcare companies and hospitals reduce cost and waste.

The company said its ecomagination portfolio of more than 85 products now includes two new healthcare products and three product categories, including its Centricity Enterprise EMR.

According to GE:
  • Its Centricity Enterprise EMR software is an integrated clinical, financial and administrative EMR.
  • By employing gradient and electronics design as well as water-cooling technology, the family of MR systems includes Optima MR360, Brivo MR355 and Signa HD 1.5T.
  • By replacing analog film and film processing with digital images, the GE Digital Mammography platform offers advantages over traditional analog systems. For example, replacing an analog mammography system that processes 27,400 films per year with a GE digital mammography system can eliminate the need to store more than 890 lbs (400 kg) of film annually, the company said.
  • Wave Bioreactor system, used for vaccine and other biotherapeutics production, enables cell culturing without requiring cleaning or steam sterilization.
  • GE's +PlusPak polymer bottle for contrast media offers advantages through its patented design and pharmaceutical grade polypropylene composition.