iCAD debuts MRI products for breast cancer detection, diagnosis
iCAD is unveiling two new MRI products at the 7th Annual Symposium on Advances in Breast MRI in Las Vegas this week.

With SpectraLook, kinetics technology is integrated into iCAD’s image analysis solutions for breast and prostate MRI studies, providing more diagnostic information by creating colorized images based on signal changes defined by tumor physiology.

iCAD’s All Time Point (ATP) analysis is based on a pharmacokinetic model that calculates numerical values of key physiological parameters, allowing the user to detect the different biological processes taking place in malignant versus benign tumors. These key physiological markers can aid in the analysis of large MR data sets.

CADvue is image review and analysis software designed to improve the analysis workflow, interventional planning and reporting of breast MR results, by allowing the user to create standard and customized reports that enable the user to communicate time-sensitive breast MR study results to referring physicians, according to the Nashua, N.H.-based company.