KLAS: Women’s imaging providers focus on tomosynthesis, breast density

Women’s imaging providers are largely satisfied with their 2D mammography vendors, while at the same time are wrestling with concerns over reimbursement, patient education and state notification bills about breast density, according a report from Orem, Utah-based research firm KLAS.

The report, titled “Women’s Imaging 2013: Measuring the Options,” highlighted the impact of complementary technologies. Ultrasound, for instance, has not replaced mammography, but is used in conjunction for patients with dense breasts, according to the report’s executive summary.

Hologic was the report’s top performing vendor for 2D mammography. Siemens and GE Healthcare were highly rated.

Demand for tomosynthesis is increasing, and 62 percent of providers surveyed said they would use this technology if they could start over again, reported KLAS.

Providers preferred using a dedicated mammography information system over a RIS, with MRS the strongest performer in this space. For those sticking with RIS for mammography, DR Systems, Siemens and Cerner were the vendors rated highest for effectiveness, with Epic and GE Healthcare rounding out the top five.

A major concern for providers is managing resources to notify patients of their breast density, according to KLAS. More than half the states in the U.S. either have a notification bill passed or currently have a bill in progress. Aside from patient education, other major provider concerns are reimbursement, costs, maintaining workflow and coordination of care.

The full report can be purchased here.