New Stanford Womens Cancer Center offers collaborative care
Stanford Hospitals and Clinics and Stanford University School of Medicine have opened the Stanford Women’s Cancer Center, a new facility for women with breast or gynecologic cancers.

The working principle at this new center, Stanford said, is the powerful synergy of collaboration between a specialized, multidisciplinary team of oncologist experts in breast and gynecologic cancers; surgical, medical and radiation oncologists; anesthesiologists; gynecologic pathologists; and nurses, social workers and nutritionists who specialize in cancer care.

Locating breast cancer and gynecologic cancer care in one physical site could accelerate the progress of the knowledge growth and its translation into diagnosis and care advances, according to Stanford.

Research at the Stanford Women’s Cancer Center will include investigation of new diagnostic tools like microbubbles and sound waves; treatment plans based on a woman’s genetic profile, including therapeutic vaccines; and clues to more sophisticated prevention through genetic counseling. Other work will look at new minimally invasive surgical techniques assisted by robotics and lasers, radiation delivered directly to tumors during surgery or by internal capsule, fertility preservation technology and non-pharmaceutical aids to support long-term survivorship such as acupuncture, meditation, exercise and nutrition. Patients will have greater access to clinical trials of those new diagnostic and treatment methods.

The center becomes a specialized extension of the Stanford Cancer Institute, one of a group of cancer centers designated by the National Cancer Institute for major funding because of its multidisciplinary research programs committed to improving the clinical care of cancer patients.