Oklahoma could soon be latest state to have breast density reporting bill in place

A new bill being considered by the Oklahoma state legislature could make the Sooner state the latest to have a breast density reporting bill signed into law.

If passed, the law would require mammography reports to inform patients with dense breast tissue that they may be at a higher risk of breast cancer and are encouraged to discuss the matter with their healthcare provider.

According to Are You Dense Advocacy, Inc., 24 states have already enacted similar legislation.

HB 2601’s story begins in 2014, when Joe Jennings lost his wife, Kristen, to breast cancer at a young age.

“She couldn't get a mammogram because she was too young,” Jennings said, as quoted by KTUL in Tulsa. “She was age 32 when she was diagnosed and six months prior to that is when she found the lump, went to the doctor and was told no.”

Jennings and his two daughters have been working toward getting HB 2601 passed in the state senate ever since.

“If it doesn't pass out of the committee it's dead,” Jennings said, as quoted by KTUL. “But this bill is important because most women out there have dense breasts, most women their tumors won't be found. They need that further testing.”