Viztek Answers Market Need With Availability of PACS for Digital Breast Tomosynthesis

March 28, 2013 – Raleigh, NC - Viztek, a leading provider of complete digital software and hardware diagnostic imaging solutions, is now the first PACS vendor to provide viewing capabilities for digital breast tomosynthesis (DB T) imaging. With the addition of this capability to Viztek’s Opal-MAMMO software suite, hospitals and imaging centers now have a choice of the viewing software they select for use with their DBT system. Further, because the mammography suite offers integrated tracking software, facilities additionally benefit from the use of one workstation and an automated workflow for a faster, streamlined approach for mandatory MQSA reporting.

“The introduction of new modalities such as digital breast tomosynthesis require advanced viewing systems for diagnosis, and the Opal-MAMMO Suite from Viztek is an example of our ability to quickly respond to industry needs and deliver high quality tools,” said Josip Cermin, President of Viztek. “As we continue to expand our product offerings, hospitals and imaging centers alike can expect to see Viztek be first to market with other software and digital system innovations.”

With the addition of digital breast tomosynthesis diagnostic viewing capabilities from Viztek, facilities implementing the DBT screening modality now have a choice of viewing workstations. Viztek’s fully MQSA-compliant Opal-MAMMO Suite enables users to establish customized rules for patient follow-up and closes the loop on all communications involved. Radiologists can declare specific triggers for each patient as they review exams based on specific findings. A turnaround time (TAT) management dashboard uses color coding and reviews time parameters to manage priority levels for patients.

Additionally, the Viztek Opal-MAMMO Suite is the first system to combine PACS with linked patient tracking software in a Web-based mammography viewer, which not only allows a seamlessly integrated workflow but eliminates the need for a separate tracking system to be purchased and integrated. This enables a streamlined workflow while eliminating the need for additional capital and maintenance costs involved with contracting a third party vendor. 

“Our mammographers need the best viewing tools to support their diagnosis and detect the subtle details that can be cancers, and so we were happy to have a choice for our digital breast tomosynthesis viewer and use the Opal-MAMMO Suite from Viztek,” said Masoud Vahdatpour of Cyrus Diagnostic Imaging in Lake Mary, FL. “Combined with the integrated mammography tracking capabilities, the Opal-MAMMO Suite meets our needs for both high quality image viewing and high efficiency, making the process of viewing and evaluating the images more fluid and allowing us to provide the highest standard of patient care.”

About Viztek
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