Survey: Most hospitals still lack fully implemented IT systems
Though more and more healthcare facilities are adopting IT systems to streamline operations and boost quality of care, only 10 percent of them have a fully installed health IT system in place, according to recently released results from an American Hospital Association survey.
Certainly, a lot of hospitals are considering it. Ninety-two percent of the more than 900 hospitals that participated in the survey indicated that they are developing plans for such systems or at least thinking about it.
Like a lot of enterprises, adoption of IT systems is often done piece by piece over time depending on immediate needs, according to comments by Chantal Warzala, senior associate director for policy, AHA.
Of the hospitals that are using health IT systems, as many as 36 percent indicated they had just started, 27 percent claimed minimal use so far, another 27 percent indicated mid-level use, while 10 percent reported full on use of an IT system, according to results.
The major obstacles to investment in the systems are of course cost, with concerns over long term maintenance of the systems another substantial worry.
The survey took place between April and June of this year.