Affibody AB, GE begin research partnership

Affibody AB Tuesday announced it has entered a research agreement with GE Healthcare through which Affibody will provide its molecules for potential uses for in vivo imaging applications.

Affibody molecules with their favorable biodistribution, high target specificity and acceptability to protein engineering approaches, are considered suitable candidates for targeted in vivo imaging applications. The aim is to allow early diagnosis of disease and thereby allowing physicians to optimize the therapy on a personalized basis. Under the agreement, GE has the exclusive option to take any licenses required for developing and commercializing imaging agents resulting from this collaboration, the companies said.

“This agreement broadens the current uses of Affibody molecules in medicine, and demonstrates the increasing interest in the use of molecular imaging agents to monitor disease,” said Ulf Boberg, PhD, CEO, Affibody.

Affibody will retain all rights for use of the selected Affibody molecules outside the scope of in vivo diagnostic and medical imaging