CoActiv Medical Business Solutions
CoActiv's enterprise-wide, specialty specific EXAM-PACS medical image and data management system  
CoActiv Medical Business Solutions (Booth 7336) is debuting several new capabilities for its EXAM-PACS product line at RSNA 2008.

EXAM-PACS is showcasing its support of breast-specific gamma imaging (BSGI) files generated by Dilon Technologies molecular breast imaging gamma cameras and other similar devices.  Images can be displayed side by side with digital mammography, breast ultrasound and breast MRI images on the same workstation.

CoActiv also is demonstrating its new EXAM-RT Archive, a digital viewing, archiving and retrieval platform for a full range of radiation therapy-related information. Supporting all seven DICOM-RT extensions, the application saves CT images, cone beam images, CMS radiation therapy plans and DICOM-RT data to a single integrated patient file for streamlined access and management. CoActiv EXAM-RT has been validated for IMPAC radiation oncology systems.

In cardiology, CoActiv’s EXAM-PACS delivers workflow that combines local and remote viewing with management, distribution and archiving of the complete spectrum of cardiac studies, including nuclear cardiology, echocardiology, MRI, CT and more. In orthopedics, CoActiv EXAM-PACS provides such specialty-specific tools as distance, angle and Cobb angle measurements as well as spine labeling. Combined with advanced pre-operative prosthetic templating planning from CoActiv’s partner OrthoView, EXAM-PACS provides a specialized orthopedic solution. Complementing this is CoActiv EXAM-3D image processing, which delivers advanced image reformations in a 3D application that comes as a standard feature in EXAM-PACS.

The firm also is demonstrating its EXAM-RIS, a full-featured radiology scheduling, reporting and billing module that can be customized to a site’s needs.