Dilon lands new financing
Dilon Technologies LLC, a provider of high-resolution molecular imaging systems recently completed an equity offering of $7.25 million that the company's leaders hope will drive sales and marketing efforts.
The deal was placed by investment banking firm Taglich Brothers Inc. of New York, N.Y.. The firm’s primary interest is Dilon’s 6800 Gamma Camera for detection of breast cancer, which had positive results following recent clinical tests.
The company has thus far marketed its medical imaging product for two years. In that time the company has sold gamma cameras—optimized for breast cancer diagnosis—across the United States and into Europe, and has installations pending in Canada and Israel. Such wide acceptance of the product's place in breast cancer diagnostics requires this additional funding to support demand and the company's growth.
Breast-Specific Gamma Imaging (BSGI) is the novel imaging technique enabled by Dilon's dedicated camera, the company said. For surgeons, this test helps confirm the extent of disease for patients with known cancer--providing information for pre-surgical planning.