GE Healthcare unveils multiple products at AORN
GE Healthcare issued a number of announcements and product releases at the Association of periOperative Registered Nurses (AORN) Annual Conference in New Orleans, April 3-7.

The OEC 9800 Plus C-arm imaging technology was announced, which is designed to offer service to a more diverse section of the population because of its larger "C" free space for increased anatomical coverage for larger patients. The OEC also features a more powerful generator and x-ray tube, GE said.

It is hoped that because of these modifications clinicians will be more accurate in their diagnoses of larger patients, GE said.
The FDA has cleared GE's OEC Flourostar for US distribution. GE has announced the new mobile x-ray system which includes a digital C-arm designed to provide fluoroscopic images of the patient diagnostic, surgical and interventional procedures.

The NAV Axcess Needle system has been unveiled for use in minimally invasive spine procedures. The system is used with electromagnetic surgical navigation, which allows surgeons to follow their hand instruments through virtual tool imagery that is superimposed over x-ray images, GE said.

GE has inked a sole distributor agreement with molecular imaging detector developer IntraMedical Imaging LLC, for a new surgical oncology device called Node Seeker. The detection probes assist surgical oncologists to locate sentinel lymph nodes, which is currently a standard of care technique for staging breast cancer and melanoma.
In related business, GE will act as sole U.S. distributor of IntraMedical Imaging's proprietary Pet-Probe. Working with the guidance of positron emission tomography (PET), the radiation detection probes assist surgeons to more accurately identify and remove lesions in addition to surgical margins for small amounts of remaining tumor, GE said.