Hybrid Imaging Driving Nuclear Medicine
Look for continued developments on hybrid imaging among the nuclear medicine vendors at RSNA 2003. The combination of positron emission tomography (PET) and CT are at the top of the list of integrated imaging modalities that have advanced the field of nuclear medicine. Improvements in molecular imaging with an eye toward future applications is the buzz at this year's show.

Philips Medical Systems (booth #1352) showcases the latest version of its SkyLight gantry-free gamma camera, which now offers concurrent imaging. Philips also displays its new Mosaic advanced small-bore animal PET imaging system. Gemini is Philips' PET/CT imaging system, which features an open configuration for greater patient comfort and access. The system's Allegro PET system and Mx8000 CT scanner gantries separate for PET-only or CT-only imaging.

Philips PROS showcases the Pinnacle3 RTP system, P3IMRT software and the new AcQSim3 workstation at RSNA 2003, as well as the MRSim workstation, which provides simulation tools on MR data sets.

Siemens Medical Solutions (booth #1740) introduces c.cam, a reclining cardiac camera system for hospitals and cardiology offices. The system reclines to improve patient comfort, decreasing the risk of movement and reducing the presence of motion artifacts in images. The c.cam also incorporates e.soft, Siemens' syngo-based nuclear medicine software.

GE Medical Systems (booth #4500) shows the next generation of its Millennium MyoSight dual-detector, variable-angle system for office-based nuclear cardiology imaging. MyoSight includes the Xeleris functional imaging workstation and the works-in-progress Ignite workflow software to automate exams for greater speed and consistency.