PACS remains the driving force
Agfa HealthCare (Booth #3339) is highlighting the latest versions of its integrated RIS/PACS/Reporting solutions. The latest version of Agfa’s IMPAX RIS showcases protocoling as well as Agfa’s web-based scheduling and resource management solution, iPlan, which features a functional user interface that is easy to use and reduces the need for extensive training. iPlan also can be used for enterprisewide scheduling. Agfa HealthCare is demonstrating a new data center solution. This advanced solution is ideal for large-scale storage of all types of medical images for hospital groups, regional healthcare organizations, and national medical archives.

Amicas RadstreamAMICAS (Booth #8518) is debuting RadStream, AMICAS Insight Dashboards, and Vision Series PACS Version 5.0. The essence of RadStream is to decrease radiologist interruptions and improve report turnaround time while increasing referring physician satisfaction. RadStream improves radiologist soft-copy reading productivity, and fully documents communication of positive results of radiology studies. Workflow efficiencies also are gained through a sophisticated multifactorial prioritization algorithm.

AMICAS Insight Dashboards is being designed to consolidate information from both operational and clinical systems to provide a comprehensive view of the imaging business. The business intelligence and analysis package is expected to provide web-based access to customized, easy-to-read, graphical data for specific key performance indicators as selected by the end user, the company says.

RadStream is expected to be generally available in the first half of 2007; Insight Dashboards is currently scheduled to be generally available in the first half of 2007.

The heart of Vision Series PACS Version 5.0 is the new Vision Reach software system designed to eliminate the challenge of radiology information delivery and integrate the radiology report with key images and creates a single multimedia report. Vision Reach includes an instant messaging system that uses e-mail and secure messaging to deliver images, reports, and information to any e-mail-enabled device. Vision Series PACS Version 5.0 also introduces a host of deep clinical enhancements to the AMICAS diagnostic capabilities, including full diagnostic support for digital mammography (pending FDA approval), 3D capture for storage of processed images, and full orthopedic templating integration.

BRIT Systems (Booth #1915) is showcasing new reporting features for Roentgen RIS, introducing a new structured reporting tool for radiology, and showing an administrative messaging tool. New Roentgen RIS features include streamlining reporting templates with “three click normals,” which enable a radiologist to prepare quickly a “normal” diagnosis report. BRIT’s new administrative messaging tool, the Discordance Tool, provides a method of communication for other clinicians to report certain findings to the radiologist, then lets the radiologist mark and communicate any discordance back to the clinician. It also provides statistics on the frequency and types of studies involved to enhance patient care.

Cedara C4Cedara Software (Booth #4716) is demonstrating C4 Cedara I-Reach PACS and showcasing a variety of clinical applications including Cedara OrthoWorks ProPlanner, Cedara OrthoWorks Spine Analyzer, Cedara I-Response, Cedara PET/CT Workstation, IlumiView, CalScore, and more.

C4 (Cedara Clinical Control Center) allows clinical applications and plug-ins to be tightly integrated into a single workstation, sharing system resources.

Cedara is showing Cedara I-Response as a works-in-progress integrated PACS application using C4. Cedara I-Response automatically generates a variety of quantitative calculations, compares tumor activity at multiple time points, calculates WHO and RECIST measurements, and visualizes therapy response in individual, configurable layouts.

Cedara is showing Cedara PET/CT workstation as an integrated PACS application using C4. PET/CT has been designed to accommodate the standard methods radiologists use to read CT data sets. The workstation provides layouts split across dual monitors in panoramic mode. This review method allows simultaneous comparison of CT images, PET corrected, PET uncorrected, PET/CT fused images, and MIP.

Cerner (Booth #8513) is demonstrating enhancements to its unified RIS/PACS solution. New features include a critical results documentation and notification solution and order review and approval tools that help optimize this traditionally paper-based process.

CoActiv EXAM-PACSCoActiv Medical Business Solutions (Booth #5529) is introducing a multi-modality cardiovascular module to its EXAM-PACS. The cardiovascular functionality combines local and remote viewing, management, distribution, and archiving of cardiac studies. EXAM-PACS supports fully integrated digital cardiovascular workflow as a complement to comprehensive radiology and orthopedic support.

DR Systems Unity RIS/PACSDR Systems (Booth #1919) is exhibiting its Unity RIS/PACS platform and highlighting an agreement with InsiteOne. Unity RIS/PACS includes new data conversion tools for legacy RIS/PACS replacement; enhanced web-based scheduling capabilities; RIS workflow management; new patent-pending image display methods for improved accuracy and efficiency; enhanced integrated mammography reading, tracking, film digitizing, and archiving; enhanced automated exam-specific reporting capabilities; enhanced transcription capabilities including web-based transcription; enhanced multi-database and multi-server capabilities; and enhanced PACS access from EMRs and HIS web portals. Unity RIS/PACS is designed to provide an advanced medical imaging and information management system infrastructure for regional health information organizations.

The DR Systems/InSiteOne agreement offers integrated onsite/offsite secure DICOM storage for disaster recovery.

Dynamic Imaging IntegradWebDynamic Imaging (Booth #4768) is unveiling IntegradWeb PACS integrations: digital mammography and Barco Voxar 3D VesselMetrix. The company is demonstrating PET/CT functionality, IntegradWeb Ortho, and IntegradWeb RIS/PACS.

IntegradWeb PACS digital mammography capabilities include complete digital mammography specific workflows such as customizable reading layouts and sequences for any third-party full-field digital mammography system. IntegradWeb’s digital mammography functionality supports the new IHE mammography profile and digital mammography CAD. CAD markings are applied to the original digital mammography study and can be archived for future reference.

The optional Barco Voxar 3D VesselMetrix functionality offers an advanced visualization solution that can be accessed within the web-based user interface of IntegradWeb PACS.

Dynamic Imaging’s en-hanced PET/CT functionality includes the display of multiple, simultaneous, 3D PET/CT views for the reading radiologist.

IntegradWeb Ortho uses the technology and consistent graphical user interface of IntegradWeb PACS in a version geared to the orthopedic imaging environment. IntegradWeb can be integrated with Orthocrat TraumaCad and requires no pre-existing specialty software to be loaded on the local client station before viewing.

IntegradWeb RIS/PACS is an integrated, single-desktop RIS/PACS featuring end-to-end, web-based workflow from scheduling through billing, with document management and digital dictation. This workflow expands on the architecture of IntegradWeb PACS, fulfilling the complete web-based workflow needs of ambulatory settings. The RIS/PACS provides a single user-interface desktop; complete sets of operational, business, and clinical data to reduce rejected/denied claims for rapid payment; and a unified dashboard with access to all patient and business information. IntegradWeb RIS/PACS is anticipated to be commercially available in Q1 2007.

Kodak Carestream PACSEastman Kodak Company (Booth #3700) is debuting new PACS software for Carestream PACS. The PACS software upgrade features new and improved dynamic streaming capabilities in diagnostic workstations. This software upgrade also includes specialized mammography features that interface with integrated breast MRI and ultrasound CAD software and automated CD/DVD archiving management capabilities. Kodak also is incorporating integrated reporting capabilities in PACS software.

Eastman Kodak Company also is announcing it has integrated Siemens Medical Solutions’ FUSION7D software that enhances visualization of cancerous tumors and lesions into the latest version of its Kodak Carestream PACS platform. This optional feature is available immediately in the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Eclipsys (Booth #8710) is showcasing Sunrise Clinical Manager and Eclipsys Diagnostic Imaging Solutions. Sunrise Clinical Manager enterprisewide advanced information solution can help to improve outcomes. Eclipsys Diagnostic Imaging Solutions feature Sunrise Radiology and Sunrise PACS. The latest release of the web-based Sunrise Radiology offers enhanced scheduling, Microsoft Word-based transcription, and a new film-tracking module. Sunrise Radiology is integrated with Sunrise PACS, a powerful solution from Sectra Medical Systems, providing real-time speech recognition and mammography reporting and tracking.

ETIAM (Booth #7509) is launching showcase CD-In. CD-In balances the requirements for security and complex processing and the need for a simple and automatic procedure. CD-In automatically integrates radiology examination images recorded on DICOM CDs and DVDs into a PACS.

Fuji Medical Systems USA (Booth# 7130) is featuring its Synapse web-based PACS that integrates multi-site, multi-information systems and multi-reading group environments.

GE Centricity PACSGE Healthcare (Booth #7164) is highlighting Centricity PACS and Centricity RIS-IC.

Centricity Radiology combines the Centricity PACS product with Centricity RIS-IC (formerly known as IDX Imagecast). The solution allows radiologists and other care providers to manage workflow and leverage a common RIS across geographically dispersed locations. Additionally, clinicians have immediate access to significant clinical findings and associated images as well as tools for reducing errors inherent with manual data entry.

Centricity PACS 3.0 delivers several powerful new benefits to hospitals and imaging centers that help improve efficiency. For example, new IHE profiles within Centricity PACS version 3.0 automate exam acquisition, reporting, and communication for referring physicians. New customers benefit from an updated LINUX architecture, while current Centricity customers can implement version 3.0 within their existing infrastructure. The Business Intelligence Portal decision support tools help administrators maximize valuable resources, and enhanced security features protect patient information, providing access only to those who truly need it. Voice-driven commands and highly configurable worklists manage exams with greater efficiency.

Guardian Healthcare Systems (Booth #5541) is releasing FlowPoint 6.2, an integrated, web-based RIS and PACS that enables healthcare enterprises to combine patient medical data and radiology images into one digital record to facilitate enhanced patient care, reductions in potential medical errors, and lower administrative costs. The FlowPoint RIS integrates document scanning technology to enable a paperless workflow. Other updates support cash payments and patient invoicing, single user-login in Microsoft Windows environments, system integrations with industry billing companies, enhanced charge capture support for HCPCS codes, and improved label printing flexibility with Zebra printers. FlowPoint also incorporates enhancements to the Enterprise Appointment Scheduling Module, faster FlowPoint application installation process, improved implementation of PACS compression, enhanced multilingual functionality and capabilities, and a continued implementation of Microsoft .Net architecture.

INFINITT North America (Booth #1365) is showcasing its RIS, PACS, and 3D systems, including its Radiology Suite designed to enable healthcare facilities to operate PACS, RIS, and 3D from one interface — and one database. Additionally, the company’s SmartPACS EIMS program offers a more affordable PACS model. Other products being demonstrated include the company’s INFINITT Cardiology PACS and INFINITT Tele-Radiology.

Integrated Modular Systems VisageIntegrated Modular Systems (Booth #3112) is demonstrating its newly upgraded and integrated imsiRIS.PACS, a web-based image and report distribution system with optional outsourced remote, secure hosting service for access to RIS functions. The system is built on the Visage PACS 4.0 system by Mercury Computer Systems, with 3D images and postprocessing on thin client/server platforms.

Intelerad Medical Systems (Booth #4760) is highlighting its Reporting and Transcription and Teaching File modules and a Referring Physician’s Portal. The Reporting and Transcription modules incorporate dictation with voice recognition and transcription into IntelePACS for upload to a RIS or other application. The Teaching Files module provides a training mode for residents. Integrated into the dictation workflow, Teaching Files studies are searchable and indexed by pathology and anatomy. The Referring Physician’s Portal includes a web page with login for referring physicians and the capacity to send e-mails to referring physicians that contain a direct link to their patient’s completed study. The Referring Physician’s Portal also contains tools for PACS administrators, including tools for managing access permissions.

Intuitive Imaging Informatics (Booth #3773) is announcing PET Fusion functionality for its Rational Imaging PACS, new Rational Imaging features, and ImageQube enhancements. PET Fusion features user-selectable color maps, real-time PET transparency manipulation, automated MPR, and MIP. New PACS developments include MIP Imaging and a new user interface. MIP Imaging allows production of high-resolution, 3D reconstructions of phase-contrast MR images, or similar relationally oriented acquisitions. This functionality includes the ability to segment out anatomic regions, to sub-select segments, and to provide reconstructions of only those segments. ImageQube web-based PACS enhancements include the ability to support paperless workflow, teleradiography scheduling, instant messaging, integrated 3D capabilities, and teaching files.

McKesson (Booth #2556) is showcasing Horizon Radiology integrated RIS/PACS solution and Horizon Medical Imaging ER Discrepancy Tracking.

Horizon Radiology provides a diagnostic toolset for radiologists while enabling access to images and information throughout the enterprise. New tools include auto inclusion fields functionality, which enables users to create templates that automatically pull study- and patient-related information from the Horizon Medical Imaging PACS database. Users also can create smart macros to enter predefined, commonly used sentences or paragraphs.

Horizon Medical Imaging ER Discrepancy Tracking facilitates communication and concurrence of diagnoses between the ER and radiology to minimize errors, eliminate duplication, and increase accuracy while also improving the quality of care; improves communication; provides accurate patient records; automates report creation and review; and closes the communication loop through one-click acknowledgement of receipt, alerts, and flexible message distribution.

The company also is demonstrating Horizon Radiology integrated RIS/PACS, Horizon Cardiology cardiovascular information solution, and Horizon Optical Imaging image management solution.

Medweb (Booth #8752) is showcasing its web-enabled, secure teleradiology system and PACS for the Department of Defense that are now available to commercial PACS and teleradiology markets. Specifically at RSNA, the company is demonstrating a fully hosted RIS/PACS/PM with radiologist dashboard; a completely 3D, web-based PACS; a disk publisher with touch-screen interface; and an enterprisewide monitoring, service gateway, and statistics program for managing clinical workflow across multiple PACS/RIS/HIS.

Merge eMed Fusion RIS/PACSMerge eMed (Booth #4707) is highlighting FUSION RIS/PACS MX, debuting Fusion Archive, and sharing FUSION PACS MX.

FUSION RIS/PACS MX imaging informatics solution delivers a single workflow application. A Radiologist Command Center gives easy point-and-click access to patient information from a single screen. Embedded dictation, interrupt sessions, instant messaging, and hanging protocols are available with minimal clicks. Traditional RIS-based information also is easily accessible.

Fusion Archive is a work-in-progress solution that offers flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use archiving.

FUSION PACS MX 64-bit application enables users to load tens of thousands of studies simultaneously. Other features include multiple interrupt sessions, instant messaging capabilities, key images, MIP/MPR, and teaching files; flexible image management and archiving; easy web distribution; and additional result distribution capability through CD/DVD burning. New works in progress for FUSION PACS MX include integrated mammography native to the FUSION PACS and workflow and business intelligence capabilities that allow users to mine and report PACS data and enable administrators to monitor key metrics during day-to-day operations.

NovaRad NovaPACS 6.5NovaRad (Booth #3959) is releasing NovaPACS 6.5, which provides enhanced administration console tools and increased tool availability on the referring physician viewer. Additional administration console tools enable better sorting, reporting, and information gathering and viewing. The Referring Physician Specialist Viewer provides the complete set of PACS workstation tools. This latest version also provides NovaRad the ability to monitor the installation in real time to enhance support. Also offered is an option for a cost-effective CD/DVD publisher/printer. The new version also includes stat reads and enhances the ability for the PACS to support multiple site codes. NovaPACS 6.5 is available now and complemented by NovaRIS 6.5, software developed using the same database as NovaPACS to ensure seamless integration.

Numa (Booth #8340) is debuting enhancements to NumaLink, its cross-vendor data translation solution, NumaStore, its nuclear medicine and PET/CT image management system, and NumaRead. New in NumaLink are DICOM translation capabilities for Siemens CTI and GE PET acquisition devices. Additionally, NumaLink also converts nonstandard PET DICOM data into a format compatible across most major vendors. NumaStore supports for the Siemens Preclinical Solutions microPET and the new Inveon Dedicated PET small-animal imaging systems. NumaRead features broadened support for more vendors’ formats and media and streamlines transfer of archived data maintained on aging media to more sophisticated storage.

ODS Medical (Booth #1266) is announcing PACScomm V2.6 software. The new release enhances DICOM import to include the ability to auto-reconcile patient and study information by using a worklist server. An external query selector allows the user to specify single or multi-archive searches. Enhanced administrative configurability of automated processes provide study search and status information. PACS-comm V2.6 also incorporates enhanced structured report configurability and added support for the Agfa/Mitra structured report broker, improved web page customization tools for displaying reports in HTML, and additional support for the DICOM specification for CD media creation.

OrthoView Orthoview4OrthoView (Booth #5314) is exhibiting the latest version of its orthopedic digital templating solution, OrthoView4. Also at the meeting will be 18 of the company’s partners who will demonstrate the integration of OrthoView into their individual PACS. OrthoView can be seamlessly integrated into all major PACS and allows the surgeon to plan and template in a filmless environment. OrthoView4 comes with a new trauma module designed for orthopedic surgeons working in trauma. OrthoView’s Wizplates have been introduced for each class of prosthesis, enabling rapid sizing and positioning of templates. The new module will support the following classes of trauma prosthesis from all the major manufacturers: plates, screws, nails, and prostheses for fractured neck of femur. A major enhancement is on-screen fracture reduction; part of the image processing toolset, it provides surgeons with the ability to visually reassemble a fracture.

Philips iSite PACSPhilips Medical Systems (Booth #1929) is demonstrating Philips iSite PACS and combined solutions to reduce complexity and improve outcomes among specialties.

Philips is highlighting several advanced viewing and processing iSite PACS applications interfaced with the iSite Radiology application to bring the right tools to the right place and provide additional clinical value.

Philips is exchanging best practices of radiology with cardiology, orthopedics, oncology, and other clinical segments and combining tools to reduce complexity and improved outcome, specialty per specialty. Examples include interfaced support for the cardiology care cycle within the Xcelera Cardiovascular Information Solution and interfaced solutions for the orthopedic care cycle, within the operating theater, for surgery, with orthopedic applications on ViewForum and on iSite.

Ramsoft One's Referring Physican PortalRamSoft (Booth #3305) is debuting RamSoft One. RamSoft One’s integrated RIS and PACS improves patient care and increases overall productivity by reducing paper, film, and labor and by making patient records accessible to the staff from anywhere. It eliminates RIS and PACS integrations and multi-vendor complications. RamSoft One’s Referring Physician portal allows referring physician offices to place electronic requisition orders, view and print reports, and view images.

Rogan-Delft (Booth #6908) is showing Rogan View Pro-X v3.0 with Mammography, Orthopaedic and Rendering packages and Rogan Online XS Archive v6.1 RAIS.

With the new Rogan View Pro-X v3.0 you can Query/Retrieve images through Microsoft® Internet Explorer®. The same viewing software is available for both radiological as clinical users. The worklist includes image/series thumbnails. Authentication protocols and authorization levels are available for security reasons. Rogan View Pro-X v3.0 also provides an interactive adaptation process especially directed to the radiologist. The Unique Hanging Protocol (UHP) can recognize the radiologist and in consequence presents the UHP in the way that is required by the user.

Rogan-Delft’s next generation View Pro-X v3.0 is available with mammography functionality for the radiologists who desire to use a single application which handles multiple dedicated processes.

At the RSNA Rogan-Delft will launch their new View Pro-X v3.0 Ortho with dedicated orthopaedic functionality. Rogan is well renowned for being the oldest independent PACS developing company in the world with dedicated PACS orthopaedic (since 1999).

Rogan-Delft View Pro-X v3.0 brings advanced 3D medical imaging to a wide array of medical specialists and their (multiple) locations. The system can be available for instance, not only in the radiology department but also at home (when you are on call), or at the desktops of medical specialists such as neurosurgeons, cardiologists or orthopaedists. This results in a truly optimized workflow and advanced medical imaging capabilities.

Rogan OnLine XS Archiver 6.1 is a medical image archive and image manager based on next generation requirements. Rogan OnLine XS Archiver 6.1 can deliver any DICOM image uncompressed within a second.

Sage Software Intergy PACSSage Software (Booth #3159), formerly Emdeon Practice Services, is showcasing Intergy RIS 3.5 by Sage. Intergy RIS 3.5 includes new referring provider marketing fields and diagnosis validation. Intergy PACS offers improved workflow-based productivity combined with flexible access. The system harnesses the web to deliver access to images, reports, and patient information from any location at any time.

ScImage (Booth #4358) is debuting the next generation of its single database PACS. Version 3.0 of PicomEnterprise provides a complete multi-department workflow system. The unified solution enables exams from multiple departments to be scheduled, tracked, reported, and distributed via a single web-based login by employing a single database to organize varied data from each of these departments. The solution also features several time-saving clinical applications for radiology, cardiology, and orthopedics.

Sectra's SectraPACSSectra (Booth #6506) is showing Breast Imaging PACS, Sectra PACS, and Sectra Orthopedic Package.

The latest improvements to Sectra Breast Imaging PACS facilitate smooth and accurate workflow at breast imaging centers. The company is presenting workflow optimization, with blind-double reading, CAD capabilities, and tight integration with information systems.

Sectra PACS is optimized for handling extremely large data sets and provides speed for the user in displaying and managing large stacks. Sectra’s new workstation family presents a solution in which physicians can perform their work efficiently in a distributed reading scenario independent of network capacity.

The latest version of the Sectra Orthopedic Package adds automatic calibration and new improved semi-automatic hip planning tools to the desktop of the orthopedic surgeon.

Siemens Medical Solutions (Booth #4114) is introducing the syngo Suite and highlighting Life@MED for SIENET and its partnership with NextGen Healthcare.

The syngo Suite integrates the complete imaging management workflow in a unified work environment. It increases the efficiency of diagnostic and therapeutic cycles, providing fast, intuitive and role-based access to information. The syngo Suite offers advanced RIS, PACS, and processing in a comprehensive package for all imaging needs in radiology, cardiology, and other areas. It comprises syngo Workflow, syngo Imaging, and syngo Dynamics.

syngo Workflow drives the radiological workflow from order entry to image and report distribution. Data consistency between RIS and PACS provides radiologists and clinicians with coordinated images and results throughout the organization. Worklists are based on the role of the user and can be tailored to meet user requirements.

syngo Imaging improves usability, speeds load time, and leverages integration. Features include Smart Select, which enables access to the most frequently needed functions directly in the diagnostic screen. Images appear immediately after they are called up, and advanced processing functions, which are available as a task card, are integrated directly into the diagnostic workstation. The complete examination, including 3D and other image-processing functions, can be performed at one workstation.

syngo Dynamics is a multi-modality, dynamic image review, diagnosis, and archiving system. It enables evidence-based reporting to improve the efficiency of clinical procedures for cardiology, general imaging, OB/GYN, and maternal fetal medicine. It includes integrated cardiology, general imaging, and OB/GYN solutions; reporting capabilities; integration into hospital information systems; and DICOM structured reporting integration with third-party ultrasound machines.

Source Medical (Booth #4783) is featuring its outpatient information solutions and services for diagnostic imaging centers, ambulatory surgery centers, and rehabilitation clinics nationwide. SourceRad is an integrated, web-based RIS/PACS/billing solution that empowers imaging centers to streamline workflow, maximize operational efficiency, and reduce costs. Suitable for both independent facilities and large corporations alike, SourceRad is packed with comprehensive functionality to improve productivity and cash flow while strengthening clinical, financial, and administrative processes.

Thinking Systems ThinkingPACSThinking Systems (Booth #2787) is debuting its web-based ThinkingRIS unified with its ThinkingPACS and its integration with Philips/Stentor iSite PACS to provide nuclear medicine, PET-CT, echo, and cath lab solutions to iSite users. The company is introducing ModalityBroker for integrating specialty modalities to third-party enterprise PACS. New features include hanging protocols, key images, and presentation state, which are DICOM 2006 compliant. Also new are cardiac PET and PET brain quantification analysis. Thinking Systems is showcasing its enhanced PACS solutions for nuclear medicine, PET-CT, and cardiology.

Viztek (Booth #4379) is introducing Opal-Rad. The web-based, thin-client PACS offers advanced image streaming and comprehensive image viewing, management, and communications features. Opal-RAD provides advanced image viewing and manipulation tools, hanging protocols for user customizations, and full modality worklist functionality. It seamlessly integrates radiology images, reports, RIS data, and other software applications. The Opal-Rad application downloads from a central server and turns any PC into a diagnostic workstation with advanced functionality. Image streaming speeds data over the internet to users in increasing levels of resolution, enabling fast workflow as radiologists begin to read studies as data are being transmitted. Specialized packages are available to address the needs of diverse installations and the workflow of a full spectrum of healthcare physicians, including orthopedists and chiropractors. 

RIS Streamlines Radiology

Eastman Kodak Company (Booth #3700) is debuting the newest version of Carestream RIS. Kodak Carestream RIS provides advanced speech recognition with voice-generated command and control; specialized features to streamline the workflow of mammography images; and a complete outpatient practice management system that includes patient scheduling, radiologist interpretation, report distribution, management reports, and billing. The new RIS software also includes web-based distribution capabilities for referring physicians.

Merge eMed (Booth #4707) is highlighting FUSION RIS MX, which offers enterprisewide licensing and scalable design and embedded modules for applications such as document management and dictation. The RIS includes a web portal for referring physicians. A local and regional security business module helps address HIPAA compliance. New features include a call center scheduler module, and new real-time dashboard analytics tools optimize opportunity to leverage real-time data for improvement initiatives.

RIS Concepts' RAD-RISRIS Concepts (Booth #2971) is unveiling RAD-RIS. The advanced Web-based radiology group workflow application is fine-tuned for radiology groups reading studies for multiple client facilities. RAD-RIS creates an integrated worklist combining studies across multiple enterprises and locations while simultaneously interfacing PACS solutions in use at different hospital and clinics.

Sage Software's Intergy RISSage Software (Booth #3159), formerly Emdeon Practice Services, is showcasing Intergy RIS 3.5 by Sage. With an expected release date this month, Intergy RIS 3.5 offers new alert functions such as insurance plan alert; referring provider alert and document delivery system status alert; additional productivity reports; appointment limits feature; and report approval enhancements. The RIS incorporates features and dynamic management tools to help users analyze and assess the state of the business.

Swearingen Software (Booth #2700) is announcing Web Schedule Requestor and RISynergy and highlighting a partnership with JulySoft. The new web scheduling system allows patients and/or referring physicians to request an appointment online at their convenience.

RISynergy combines the power and flexibility of RMS RIS with a fully integrated billing component, streamlined connectivity features, a DICOM worklist manager, daily worklist screens, and ongoing customer service. The RISynergy billing module is a fully integrated, robust, and flexible component.

Ximis (Booth #8746) is presenting the latest release of XIRIS (eXtended Internet Radiology Information System). The enhanced modules on XIRIS include improved scheduling; an enhanced cancel/no-show feature; an enhanced marketing tool; enhanced dictation and transcription; voice recognition support; new Digi Forms; and fax management.

PACS Peripherals

DeJarnette Research Systems (Booth #2315) is announcing a new version of its PACSware Migration Toolkit and unveiling xDL Cross-Enterprise Document Librarian. Version 2.1 of the PACSware Migration Toolkit supports Canon PACS migrations and includes other new features: a separate GUI for scheduling, separate pre-fetch and background migration schedules, wider support for DICOM objects, improved capture and logging of DICOM errors, improved automatic retry capability, improved migration verification module, support for running the MDIG Router as an MS Windows service, support for routing based on modality, and support for priority manual migration. The PACS-ware Migration Toolkit is currently in beta testing at a number of customer sites.

xDL is a software layer that can be placed on top of any offsite storage vendor’s service offering. xDL uncouples the medical imaging domain-specific knowledge from the offsite storage vendor’s service offering. DeJarnette is working with OEM partners on commercial rollout of the product in 2007.

North American Imaging (Booth #3103) is highlighting its PACS Print Server software for management of hard-copy preferences using existing DICOM printers and laser cameras. The software acts as a transparent manager, directing hard-copy requests to the appropriate output device.

PACSGEAR MediaSuitePACSGEAR (Booth #8500) is launching PACSGEAR MediaSuite and showing new PacsSCAN features.

 MediaSuite features import of external DICOM CDs. It enables hospital file rooms and diagnostic imaging centers to use one application to access all functionality for a consistent user experience; digitize plain film; import external DICOM CDs; scan paper and include electronic forms; and send multimedia images. PACSGEAR MediaSuite also includes small-footprint CD/DVD burner with label writing as it spins.

New PacsSCAN document and multimedia connectivity features include product-wide JPEG2000 compression to decrease storage and increase interoperability; AVI/MPEG import to send video to PACS; LDAP/Active Directory support for single sign-on convenience; native application support in seven languages; and CD/DVD import/export for enterprise distribution.

RSTI (Booth #3886) is highlighting its new PACS Engineer and Administrator Certification Series training for RSTI-PACS Master certification.

SENCOR (Booth #5416) is demonstrating its ORstation, a DICOM workstation integrated with a large touch screen and computer. ORstation, which does not use a keyboard or mouse, has been developed for operating room use. The workstation allows surgeons to view and manipulate images all in a single, easily cleaned, self-contained unit. Additionally, ORstation can be easily cleaned and requires only power and network connection.