Siemens debuts preclinical imaging system, new 40-slice PET/CT at AMI
Siemens Medical Solutions this week is introducing Inveon, a new generation preclinical imaging system available as a modular or integrated system. The company’s Molecular Imaging Division displayed the Inveon and other technologies at the Academy of Molecular Imaging (AMI) this week in Orlando, Fla.

Inveon can help facilitate basic research as well as the drug development process, helping researchers to identify specific biological processes, monitor the efficacy of compounds, and measure the effects of disease progression over time, the company said.

The system can be used for multimodality imaging and includes an upgradeable platform as well as a comprehensive suite of preclinical analysis applications. The system enables unified control of PET, SPECT, and CT acquisition, and offers high resolution and sensitivity.

Additionally, the Inveon features advanced multi-pinhole SPECT collimators for improved sensitivity and spatial resolution; new PET and SPECT acquisition and processing technology; and a PET transmission method for faster and more accurate attenuation correction. Other features include a dedicated stand alone or docked PET module which houses CT and/or SPECT modules. When docked, the system can operate independently or as a single unit under the control of one workstation. Inveon's integrated and modular configurations are customizable to specific needs, optimizing throughput and making PET/CT, CT/SPECT, or PET/CT/SPECT configurations possible.

In addition to the new Inveon system, Siemens also is introducing a new 40-slice configuration to its biograph family of PET/CT systems. The biograph line consists of two-, six-, 16-, 40- and 64-slice configurations.