Siemens highlights molecular imaging technology at SMI
Siemens introduced a new tool as a works-in-progress for molecular medicine in collaboration with the Center for Molecular Imaging Research (CMIR) during the third annual meeting of the Society for Molecular Imaging (SMI), in St. Louis, Mo., Sept. 9th to 12th.

MIPortal, an information technology (IT) platform for molecular imaging, is designed to provide molecular imaging (MI) research laboratories access to archiving and processing of imaging and non-imaging data. Using this tool, DICOM and non-DICOM modalities can be linked with the IT platform and information such as high throughput screening (HTS) in genomics and proteomics can be stored and processed, Siemens said.

Siemens also showcased bonSAI, a fluorescence optical imaging technology that enables in-vivo imaging of molecular processes, and X-SPECT, Gamma Medica Inc.'s second-generation MicroSPECT system.

Siemens and Gamma Medical announced an exclusive worldwide sales and marketing agreement for X-SPECT at the 2004 Society of Nuclear Medicine show in June.