Vital Images develops new products and new partnerships
Vital Images Inc. offered a host of products at RSNA 2003, including a look at its general vessel probe option for its Vitrea software.

 The company describes the technology as an advanced one-click vessel analysis for radiologists examining CT and MR contrasted vessels to non-invasively visualize and quantify the presence and extent of vascular disease. The option is available as of the start of 2004.

 The company also has a CT Lung Analysis option with 2D and 3D visualization tools, automatic measurements and lung nodule report generation on the market.

 Vital Images also has teamed with McKesson Corp, to currently offer Vitrea on McKesson's Horizon Medical Imaging management product using DICOM protocols, then directly integrated into the Horizon system over time.

 The company's partnership with Mirada Solutions - now part of CTI Molecular Imaging Inc. - will produce a fusion imaging product in 2004. Fusion 7D will combine images from the same or different modalities, such as PET, CT and MR, to create fused images. The technology also will enable clinicians to fuse images from datasets acquired at different times and from datasets from different manufacturers' imaging systems.