Obesity, diabetes account for 5.6% of cancers, especially tumors in colon, gallbladder, liver

Radiologists and health imaging specialists trust in technology—improvements in image quality, efficiency and costs will likely continue. But the methods of cancer detection may be no match for individual health decisions.

According to a study The Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology, diabetes and high body mass index (BMI) caused 5.6 percent of new cancer cases worldwide in 2012, accounting for 792,600 total cases. Individually, high body mass index (at least 25) was responsible for twice as many new cancer cases as diabetes.

“We know a lot about what causes obesity and diabetes, but what it is about being obese or diabetic that causes cancer is less clear,” said Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard, the lead author and a clinical fellow at Imperial College London. “It may be that exposure to high insulin levels or insulin resistance may also be a cause of cancer.”

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