An Australian researcher found labeling problems, some "significant," within two large, publicly available medical imaging datasets.

The Food & Drug Administration issued a recall on Philips’ Forte Gamma Camera System Monday, Nov. 4, saying it could cause serious injury or possibly death.  

More screen usage can negatively impact the development of children’s brains, particularly regions associated with language development, according to a recent study published in JAMA Pediatrics.

Radiologists should expect to see more dementia cases in the near future, but in order to properly care for these patients they must take steps to better understand the condition.

The updated guidelines suggest clinicians screen adults ages 50-75 who are at average risk for the disease, and discuss the benefits, harms and costs of the three screening methods prior to undertaking any one procedure.

The Ovarian-Adnexal Reporting and Data System combines a common North American approach with a widely used European algorithmic technique, created by an American College of Radiology-sponsored team.

The ACR was "disappointed" in the final rules, while SNMMI said the changes were "good news" for nuclear medicine.

The algorithm can also reduce imaging time and improve the patient experience.

A group of five researchers looked at the relationship between studies read by radiology trainees during their residency and first-time performance on the ABR Core Examination, sharing their findings in Academic Radiology.

With the announcement, the AMA will add two category III CPT codes to report “wound bacterial localization and treatment” beginning July 1 of next year.

Stephen Hahn, MD, chief of radiation oncology and chief medical executive at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, has been nominated to be the new commissioner of the FDA.

Philips has accused medical device repair and servicing company Summit Imaging of hacking into its ultrasound machines and other devices and stealing trade secrets, according to the lawsuit filed in federal court in Seattle.