A Smarter Approach to Replacement PACS

Learn how innovative hospitals are utilizing the latest technology to replace their first generation PACS and in the process improve patient outcomes and reduce operating costs. Operational benefits include a new PACS with advanced clinical toolsets, minimized data migration, no interruption to service and immediate access to prior data sets. This webinar will teach you:

  • Steps to minimize operational interruptions during a PACS replacement
  • How to improve radiologist productivity through advanced clinical toolsets
  • Options for an affordable business case with a fee-per-study model

Winthrop University Hospital

A leading 591-bed university-affiliated academic medical center located on Long Island, New York, is leveraging a new operational model for its replacement PACS. Utilizing a new fee-for-study financing program, Winthrop will achieve productivity gains that include a new vendor neutral archive that enables an enterprise-wide image repository and off-site
disaster recovery.

St. John Health System

Soon after this Tulsa, Oklahoma-based health system replaced their PACS, they began reaping the benefits of improved report turnaround time, better communication among caregivers and increased efficiency in radiologist reads. They also appreciate the advantages of single sign on, hanging protocols that follow the user and enterprise cost savings thanks to a state-of-the-art PACS.