Data + Experience = Making Data Work Harder

In our complex, multi-site tertiary care imaging department our challenge is to gather data about our imaging operations and create insights from it to help us make better business decisions, streamline operations and optimize access to care. Combining insights from modality data and imaging IT systems removes ambiguity associated with data and results in a rich information set that enables actionable insights.  This approach helps us determine how to deliver care that is focused on increased value for the health system through elimination of inefficiencies and better outcomes for patients.

We know there is a huge opportunity to learn more about each patient’s imaging experience, how the department operates and all the obstacles we face but should be able to overcome to achieve the most efficient clinical decision-making process. But we need guidance and support in collating and deciphering our mounds of data.

In partnership with Philips’ and its new and innovative solutions offering PerformanceBridge Practice, which helps move data into action to enhance operational and clinical decision making, we are unifying all of our various data sets and already unlocking actionable information to enhance our operational and clinical decision making. With baseline data, we are able to look at our key performance indicators and review against benchmarks to learn our opportunities for improvement. We then are able to work together to tailor solutions and implement changes, monitor progress and drive continuous improvement.

Additionally, we are able to develop data-driven strategic growth plans and gain insights for capital asset planning based on our patient populations and anticipated procedure volumes across modalities, taking in to account operational, clinical and personnel efficiencies.

We have worked with Philips closely together from conception to inception and then to realization of this solutions platform. It has incredible promise for data-driven practice management, including such exciting things as a real local market referral pattern analysis, referring physician loyalty analysis, as well as asset and technologist utilization insights.

The PerformanceBridge Practice solution gives us the intelligence we need to be a data-driven enterprise.

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