HCA division realizes big return on PowerShare investment

Anchored by eight hospitals throughout Colorado and Kansas, HCA Continental Division, part of the 165-hospital Hospital Corporation of America, knew it needed to eliminate or at least severely reduce management of medical imaging via CD uploading. The alternative, its leadership felt, was getting left behind as U.S. healthcare moved toward the cloud. Leadership also wanted near-instant viewing by radiologists and referrers, its objective being substantial growth of its referral network.

With an eye on those ends, HCA Continental installed Nuance PowerShare’s image-sharing capabilities in 2014. Today, the results are in:

  • 90 days after implementation, HCA Continental had connected 30 referring sites to its network. After six months, that number jumped to 100 sites.
  • HCA Continental is currently expanding its referral network by an average of 28% month-over-month via PowerShare Network. Many of these providers HCA Continental had never worked with before.
  • Before implementing, multiple VPNs were required to support HCA Continental’s image sharing operations. It was a costly and unreliable approach. PowerShare Network eliminated the system’s need for VPN connectivity.
  • Within six months, HCA Continental’s Wichita Market achieved 100% VPN replacement.

“Nuance was a great partner in every part of our implementation — everything from laying out project goals, helping with training and more,” says Andy Draper, HCA Continental’s CIO. “Ultimately, they delivered on what they sold and we have been able to see a generous ROI.”

Download: CHIME Performance Institute White Paper - HCA Continental Division