3D-printing factory in Boston aims to turn CT, MRI into models of organs

Biomodex, a Paris-based medical device company, announced last week its plans to open its first 3D human organ printing factory in the U.S. within the next year, according to a June 10 by Newsweek.  

The medical device company is hoping to open its first U.S. factory in Boston and has raised $15 million for the project. 

The company opened its first 3D organ printing factory in Paris last year, where surgeons from around the world have begun to use its service to order 3D models of patients' CT scans and MRIs before surgery, according to Newsweek. 

"Our goal is really about improving patients' outcomes by reducing risks," Carolyn DeVasto, global vice president of commercialization at Biomodex, told Newsweek.  

Turnaround time to create and deliver the 3D models at the Boston factory to U.S.-based surgeons and physicians is also expected to take significantly less time than the standard five to seven days for processing and delivery.  

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