3D printing turns fetal ultrasounds into take-home statues

Parents have been enjoying printouts of baby’s first picture in the form of fetal ultrasound images for generations. Today’s moms and dads have another option: ultrasound-image statues.

One company offering the capability, Sirbonu OÜ, of indeterminate locale, is featured on 3DPrint.com. Sirbonu’s product, called BabySliceO, lets ultrasound clinics convert 3D and 4D image data into files that can not only be printed out but also edited “to create a quality 3D model,” according to the article.

To hear the company’s founder describe the end result, some parents may experience the printouts as equal parts souvenir statue and practice doll.

“To see the child and learn to know this little person before it is even born is very special,” says the founder, Pietro Usai. “The 3D emotional ultrasound can help mothers and fathers to form an early bond with the child. A bond that allows them to get earlier into the parenting role. A possibility to reduce the shock of the child suddenly being there in your arms.”

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