4D lung imaging platform gives clearer vision for early detection

4Dx, a medical imaging company in Australia, has developed a four-dimensional lung scanning technology platform, helping physicians to detect abnormal lung functions early, reports News Medical.

The 4Dx generates high-resolution images of the lungs, showing the motion and airflow through the organ in a clearer way. The image allows researchers to detect abnormal lung functions as it shows up in the specific areas of the lungs that are effected. This new imaging helps in early detections, which can be the difference of life and death in patients.

"Current tools are out of date and require two or three pieces of diagnostic information to piece together what is happening in someone's lungs. Our game-changing diagnostic tool offers images of the breathing lungs, making it possible to see what is really important - not what they look like - but how they work," said Andreas Fouras, founder of 4Dx. "This technology has great potential as a new tool for both early diagnosis and management of many very common lung conditions. I think this will be the start of a new way of thinking about diagnostic imaging."

Research published in Scientific Reports showed the technology allowed investigators to view and measure abnormal function in specific areas of the lung, before a disease progresses and spreads.