CTC preferences: What would rads suggest?

CT colonography (CTC), the advanced alternative to standard optical colonoscopy, has seen growing adoption, is apparently preferred by patients, and while there’s continuing research on the questions of costs, some studies find it to be the most cost-effective option. But what do radiologists think?

A small survey indicates a large group of radiologists may actually be hesitant on the CTC front, preferring colonoscopy for detection effectiveness and immediate biopsy capabilities.

In a paper published in the American Journal of Roentgenology, from researchers at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, a survey was collected from 42 radiologists after being given scenarios designed to compare preferences for CTC and colonoscopy given uneven coverage from insurers.

Results showed 28 of the 42 radiologists preferred colonoscopy, and while costs are always something to consider, respondents seemed more concerned with other aspects. A majority cited accuracy level and the fact that a biopsy could be immediately performed as reasons to choose colonoscopy over CTC.

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-Evan Godt
Editorial Director