MIM Software releases MIM 6 – featuring Reg Refine

Cleveland, Ohio – April 5, 2013 – MIM Software Inc., a leading global provider of medical imaging software, announced today that the major software release MIM® 6.0 is now available.  Users in all areas of medical imaging will benefit from innovative tools for deformable evaluation and correction, MR/CT deformable, and automated series management.

Reg RefineTM (Patent Pending) – Building off the acclaimed success of Reg Reveal™, which was the first and only environment for deformable QA and reporting, Reg Refine takes a major step forward by allowing clinicians to not only detect any areas where a deformation is less than optimal, but also to make corrections.

“This is an industry game changer,” explains Jon Piper, MIM’s Director of Research and Business Development.  “Reg Refine’s unique ability to repeatedly perform deformable evaluation and correction has changed how deformable registration can be used for critical tasks.  Now, virtually any pair of images can be registered to one another, and you can have complete confidence in the accuracy of the results.”  

MR/CT Deformable – The success of Reg Refine has now made one of the most difficult deformable registration tasks possible.  At last, clinicians can have confidence in the accuracy of MR to the Planning CT deformable registration.

The AssistantTM – Also in version 6.0, MIM Software™ has introduced an all new integrated control for automating series management.  Intuitive screen displays show in simple terms what is scheduled and what has already occurred.  Simple-to-use filters automatically direct actions by referencing DICOM tags, and easy-to-write rules can be time-based or event-based.  In addition, The Assistant interfaces directly with MIM Workflows™, providing auto-contouring and atlas-based segmentation automatically on multiple series.

Interested users should contact MIM Software at 866-421-2536 for a demo.

Qualified existing MIM users can upgrade to version 6.0 now.

For more information visit www.mimsoftware.com or e-mail info@mimsoftware.com.
MIM Software Inc. provides practical imaging solutions in the fields of radiation oncology, radiology, nuclear medicine, neuroimaging, and cardiac imaging.  MIM offers solutions for PC and Mac® workstations, as well as mobile iOS and cloud-based platforms.  MIM is a privately held company that sells its products globally to imaging centers, hospitals, specialty clinics, research organizations, and pharmaceutical companies.