University of Kansas Health System unveils high-tech 3D fluoroscopy machines

The University of Kansas Health System’s new Indian Creek Campus now houses two fluoroscopy three-dimensional acquisition machines, which leaders of the system say are only one of four locations in the world to possess such technology, according to a report.


Housed in one of the system’s two imaging rooms, the devices can provide 3D images of what’s happening within a patient’s body during a procedure—all controlled by a lab tech.


The images produced are so exact, said Alan Reeves, MD, an interventional radiologist with the system, doctors can make tiny incisions during surgeries and work will become much easier for patients and physicians.


"It has very exquisite vascular details. It allows us to see details on blood vessels and three-dimensional images that are incredibly useful," said Reeves. "We're able to accomplish a lot over the whole body using image guidance to help us."


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