Advanced Visualization

The brains of people with generalized anxiety disorder have weaker connections between the anterior cingulate cortex, the brain structure that controls emotional response, and the amygdala, according to a study published Sept. 4 in Archives of General Psychiatry. The findings suggest the brain's "panic button" may stay on due to lack of regulation.

Advanced visualization plays a central role in delivering optimal quality while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Achieving these occasionally competing outcomes represents a challenging but doable balancing act.

Experts agree. Advanced visualization technology needs to demonstrate increased efficiency and value. The path to success emphasizes beefier integration, minimal hardware and an enterprise mindset.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has mandated that facilities integrate advanced visualization imaging from CT, MRI and nuclear medicine into their EHRs/EMRs by 2015.

Coming soon to a display near you: Anytime, anywhere advanced visualization DICOM image set reconstructions. The advent of server-side processing technology permits image manipulations to take place on a central server before being transmitted to a monitoreither a diagnostic workstation, a laptop, a smart phone, or an operating theater display. This structure allows virtually latency-free viewing of images at any location, and in the process, is expanding the role of radiology throughout healthcare.