The University of Kansas Health System’s new Indian Creek Campus now houses two fluoroscopy three-dimensional acquisition machines, which leaders of the system say are only one of four locations in the world to possess such technology, according to a report.
Jun 12, 2018 | Neuroimaging
With the help of advanced CT imaging, researchers from the Netherlands found that smokers and individuals with diabetes may face an increased risk of developing calcifications in the hippocampus, the region of the brain responsible for memory.
Jun 11, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
Intrinsic susceptibility biomarkers were found to successfully provide cross validation of the oxygen-enhanced MRI biomarker perfused Oxy-R when mapping tumor hypoxia in renal carcinoma, according to research published in Radiology.
Jun 11, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
A groundbreaking new treatment that involves a magnetic metal “seed” and an MRI scanner could destroy deadly brain tumors in 10 minutes, according to a June 8 article in The Telegraph.
Jun 11, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
Biomodex, a Paris-based medical device company, announced last week that it plans to open its first 3D human organ printing factory in the U.S. within the year, according to a June 10 article in Newsweek.
Jun 08, 2018 | Cardiovascular
Paaladinesh "Dinesh" Thavendiranathan, MD, a scientist at Canada’s Toronto General Hospital Research Institute, recently discussed how cardiac imaging and biomarkers can significantly improve cancer patient care at this year's American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO)'s annual meeting.
Jun 07, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
Utilizing a 3D model in the preoperative planning of osteoplasty for a hip impingement condition can alter the location and extent of the preparation, potentially improving patient outcomes at minimal cost.
Jun 01, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
Social media has helped connect teleradiologists from around the world with the few physicians and imaging providers practicing in war-torn Syria, according to a study published May 31 in the Journal of the American College of Radiology.
May 24, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
Researchers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee have used a new imaging technique to visualize cellular damage to the retina caused by diabetes. The method, tested in a mouse model, may aid in understanding diabetic retinopathy—a leading cause of blindness.
May 15, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
German researchers have developed a new method for creating three-dimensional (3D) images of cells that utilizes photoacoustic imaging and a phytochrome protein to provide in vivo looks at tumor growth.
May 09, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
A new artificial intelligence (AI) tool lets scientists visualize a three-dimensional (3D) model of living human cells, even when the entire cell is not visible, according to a recent NPR story.
May 08, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
MRI, for all it can do, has many design limitations—but an NYU School of Medicine team recently created an MRI device that users can slip on like a glove to produce high quality images of moving joints.
May 08, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
A group at Vanderbilt University in Nashville is developing a helmet that would use ultrasound brain technology to produce real-time images with novel implications for surgery guidance and robotics, according to a university press release.
May 04, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
A team of U.S. researchers utilized brain imaging to find problems in white matter connectivity in infants with the genetic neurodevelopment disorder Fragile X syndrome (FXS), pointing to the areas as possible targets for intervention.
May 04, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
A team of researchers found that postmortem computed tomography (CT) angiography detects more lesions in a human corpse than a standard CT or autopsy examination, according to a forensic multicenter study published May 1 in Radiology.
May 03, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
The emergence of advanced breast screening technologies has helped lower mortality rates. But some question if existing disparities among vulnerable populations will only get worse, according to a recent study published in the May issue of Academic Radiology.
May 03, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
3D ultrasound (US) was determined to be as accurate as 2D US in diagnosing development dysplasia of the hip (DDH), a recent study found, with the 3D variety reducing the need for follow-up imaging by more than two-thirds.
May 02, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
The FDA has recently approved iSchemaView’s RAPID CTA, a new 3D imaging technology for computed tomography (CT) angiography, according to a May 1 press release.
Apr 24, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
A group of researchers at Thomas Jefferson University utilized super-resolution live-cell microscopy to visualize connections between neurons strengthening in real-time that produced structural changes in the brain.
Apr 16, 2018 | Advanced Visualization
Current Alzheimer’s disease research is primarily focused on symptoms, but a recent study proposed a new framework for understanding the disease based on biological brain changes and biomarkers.
On Friday, April 13, the FDA approved the latest version of the SOMATOM Force, a dual source CT system from Siemens Healthineers.