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A number of other leading organizations are involved in the project, including Zebra Medical, Aidoc and, along with the Israeli firm's collaborative partner USARAD.

The breathing troubles many people experience may also be caused by the virus entering the respiratory centers of the brain, University of Washington Medicine researchers explained.

The wearable device can scan adults and children to spot neurological disorders such as epilepsy.

During a highly anticipated event at RSNA, Chairman and CEO Ran Poliakine imaged his own wrist using the Nanox.ARC system.

The platform automatically segments T1-weighted MRI brain scans and generates volumetric measurement reports for radiologists.

When tested on a handful of healthy participants, the modality produced 3D brain images in about 10 minutes.

Alzheimer's remains a leading cause of mortality in people over 65, with deaths more than doubling over the past two decades, radiologists explained recently.

The college is testing its federated learning infrastructure across seven sites in hopes of creating a robust final model that reliably works across all settings.

The University of South Florida Health has since printed more than 100,000 swabs.

“While complications in the brain are rare, they are an increasingly reported and potentially devastating consequence of COVID-19 infection," imaging experts warned. 

MetroHealth will incorporate the digital slide module across its entire imaging enterprise.

Next years’ research will build off of a successful study which found that the wrist scanner produced images on par with CT machines.