AI in radiology—download it in the app store

You can find just about anything in an app store. Soon, that may include artificial intelligence applications for radiologists, as a recent Harvard Business Review article suggested.

In the story, a pair of authors, Woojin Kim, MD, CMIO at the Healthcare Division of Nuance Communications and Karen Holzberger, VP, general manager, Diagnostics at Nuance, argued AI marketplaces may be able to help overcome the challenges of creating, training, distributing and updating AI algorithms for clinical use in radiology.

For example, radiologists could share results with app developers, allowing them to continually refine algorithms with annotated, clinical data. An AI marketplace could also allow hospitals to track algorithm metrics, costs and performance across institutions.

Many vendors, including Nuance, have already introduced such AI marketplaces for diagnostic imaging. But as the population grows older, the demand for more efficient, accurate imaging will only increase, the authors argued.

“The recent emergence of AI marketplaces can accelerate the adoption of AI algorithms, helping to manage growing workloads while providing doctors with tools to improve diagnoses, treatments, and, ultimately, patient outcomes,” the authors wrote.

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