FDA announces public workshop on AI in radiology

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is looking to broaden the conversation around AI in radiology with a new event early next year.

Taking place Feb. 22-26, the “Evolving Role of Artificial Intelligence in Radiological Imaging” public workshop will bring together interested stakeholders to discuss benefits, risks and best practices associated with AI in imaging.

Artificial intelligence, including machine learning technologies, has the potential to transform healthcare by deriving new and important insights from the vast amount of data generated during the delivery of healthcare every day,” the FDA announcement read.

In radiology, the number of AI-based technologies is rapidly expanding. Computer-aided detection and diagnosis software, computer-aided triage systems and image quality enhancement algorithms will all be discussion topics at the workshop.

Attendees will also evaluate how to best validate AI-automated radiology imaging software and image acquisition devices, which are both critical to safety and effectiveness, the announcement noted.

The meeting will take place at the National Institutes of Health main campus in Bethesda, Maryland, and will also be available via live webcast. More information will be made released as additional presenters are booked.

For now, a more detailed breakdown of the day’s events is available on the FDA’s website. Those interested in registering for the webcast must do so on the administration’s website by Feb. 12 .