Nanox moves to further disrupt radiology with new AI second opinion platform

Nanox is continuing its mission to transform medical imaging with a new artificial intelligence second opinion program, the Israeli company announced Tuesday.

The diagnostic platform is the result of the firm’s collaborative partnership with teleradiology company USARAD. According to the two organizations, the AI platform will use x-ray based algorithms to analyze large datasets and merge results with a network of 300 radiologists’ imaging interpretations.

The plan is to integrate this unique workflow that prioritizes urgent cases into the Nanox.ARC system once it receives U.S. Food & Drug Administration clearance.

A number of other leading groups are also involved in the project, including Zebra Medical, Aidoc and Nanox said it plans to launch the service with more than 20 FDA 510(k)-cleared AI solutions.

“AI is transforming our industry in a radical way and by leveraging these technologies, Nanox and USARAD are well-positioned to become global leaders in this field,” Ran Poliakine, chairman and CEO of Nanox, said in a Jan. 5 statement. “Through this collaboration, we are accelerating our quest to make affordable, high-quality healthcare available around the world.” 

There are three areas they will be targeting:

1. Population health screening and predictive analytics for coronary arterial disease, stroke and osteoporosis.

2. Post-acute triage for urgent conditions such as pneumothorax, fractures and pneumonia, including COVID-19.

3. Traditional peer review and quality assurance cases for lung nodules, tumors and incidental vertebral compression fractures.

With this new venture, Nanox and USARAD said they are now both jointly targeting insurance companies, outpatient imaging centers, and other areas with advanced radiology diagnostic services.

“This collaboration between Nanox and USARAD on advanced diagnostics has the potential to transform the quality of healthcare, decrease costs, introduce new key value metrics and, most importantly, save countless lives worldwide,” Michael Yuz, MD, chief executive and founder of USARAD, said Monday.