New medical imaging partnership to simplify AI access, workflow

TeraRecon, Ambra Health and EnvoyAI announced a new collaboration March 6 to create an artificial intelligence (AI)-enhanced image exchange workflow for healthcare providers, according to a recent press release

“Through our partnerships with Ambra Health and TeraRecon, our technology can reach remote, single physician practices while also meeting the most demanding clinical needs of the largest integrated health systems," said Jake Taylor, CTO of EnvoyAI.   

The new partnership will allow providers to implement AI through an Ambra image exchange workflow while having full access to an AI algorithm portfolio available on the EnvoyAI Exchange, ultimately leveraging healthcare provdiers' current PACS and the full range of TeraRecon viewers, according to the press release.  

“This interoperability partnership gives healthcare providers in the Ambra network access to bleeding edge AI technology for advanced image visualization, providing the very latest technological innovations to continually improve patient outcomes and care,” said Andrew Duckworth, vice president of business development for Ambra Health, in a prepared statement.  

The new AI workflow will be on display until Thursday, March 8. at HIMSS18 annual meeting in Las Vegas. In addition, TeraRecon will also be debuting Northstar, "the world's first AI results viewer," in which the current prototype viewer can interact with EnvoyAI results. According to the press release, this interaction provides the ability to accept, reject, and adjust EnvoyAI findings.  

“Northstar is designed to be effortlessly embedded into all major PACS viewing platforms for an instant end-to-end AI strategy that spans from the selection of algorithms to the final end-user experience," said Jeff Sorenson, CEO of TeraRecon, in a prepared statement. "Now, via the Ambra Health platform, our reach extends even further, to referring physicians needing access to AI and who require our industry-leading iNtuition advanced interpretation tools.”