VIDEO: Cardiac CT training requirements for radiologists and technologists

There has been a big increase in interest in cardiac CT following the publication of the  ACC 2021 Chest Pain Evaluation Guidelines last fall, which raised CT angiography (CTA) to a 1A level of evidence. This has prompted many centers to consider creating CTA programs. 

Ghoshhajra said CTA requires a specific patient set up, CT protocols and the ability to read the exams that some radiologists and cardiologists may not have been trained to do, or need to increase their proficiency. In the discussion, he outlines what centers need to do for specialized cardiac CT training. 

He said technologists and nurses play a key role because they need to be more technically savvy to freeze the motion of the heart, set up ECG leads required for CT image gating when the heart is in specific positions of the cardiac cycle, and to be able to administer heart rate control drugs such as beta-blockers. 

There are many sessions on this type of training at the annual meeting of the Society of Cardiovascular Computed Tomography (SCCT).  Ghoshhajra is the director of the 2022 annual meeting and noted there is a sizable technologist section within SCCT to help train or improve skills with continuing education and networking.

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