Lawsuit: Woman claims ultrasound bill was incorrect, posts negative review, sued for $1M

A woman in New York is being sued for $1 million after posting a negative review online about a NYU Langone Health gynecologist, according to a recent report by CBS2, New York.  

The plaintiff, Joon Song, MD, is accusing Michelle Levin of defamation, libel and causing emotional distress after she saw the physician in August 2017 for an annual exam. Levine has already spent over $20,000 fighting the lawsuit, according to the article.  

“After I got a bill for an ultrasound and a new patient visit, whatever that means, and it was not billed as an annual, so I wrote a review about it,” Levine said.  

Her lengthy and critical review said the doctor had "very poor and crooked" business practices and was posted on Yelp, Zocdoc, Healthgrades and other online review sites.  

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