Mark Cuban helped raise $7.5M for a biomagnetic imaging startup

Best known for his appearances on the TV show “Shark Tank,” billionaire Mark Cuban was one of a group of investors who helped raise $7.5 million for biomagnetic imaging startup Genetesis.

The privately held company, founded September 2013, developed a biomagnetic imaging non-invasive technology—CardioFlux—which can detect the presence of ischemic cardiac tissue with a 60- to 90-second scan, according to a report in the Cincinnati Business Journal.

The money raised in the Series A round of funding will go toward building and installing CardioFlux systems, new clinical trials and preparation for commercial launch.

“I’m encouraged by the Genetesis team’s progress and by the promise this technology may hold for other unmet needs,” said Cuban, who founded and leads Radical Investments to the Business Journal.

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