Polio-like condition detected with MRI is targeting US children

A polio-like condition called acute flaccid mylelitis (AFM) that causes partial paralysis is showing up in children across the U.S. and can only be detected with MRI and spinal fluid tests, according to a report published Oct. 8 by NBC News.

The CDC has a reported a total of 38 confirmed cases of AFM in 16 states this year alone, according to the article. There is currently no cure for AFM and appears to be caused most often by the EV-D68 virus.

In Colorado, there have been 14 reported cases this year. Kevin Messacar, MD, an infectious disease physician at Children’s Hospital Colorado, told NBC that 2018 could see another spike in AFM cases compared to last year which saw only 33 reported cases.

“EV-D68 has been circulating in what looks like an every-other-year pattern,” Messacar told NBC News. “That makes it seem like in 2018 it could come back. It is important to know that even though this is a rare condition and is being reported as a mystery illness, we really do understand much more about the causes of this disease.”

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