Scanner developed in Scotland is 'like 100 MRIs in one'

Ten years in the making, a new scanner that has been called "100 MRIs in one" is now being used on patients in Scotland by a team of reserachers at the University of Aberdeen.

According to a recent report by BBC News, this "fast field-cycling magnetic resonance imaging equipment" is able to extract more information than a traditional MRI by switching the strength of the scanner's magnetic field during the procedure.  

"This is a major step toward our technology being adopted by hospitals to benefit patients, which is the ultimate goal of our research," said David Lurie, PhD, professor at the University of Aberdeen and head researcher of the development of the multifaceted scanner.  

According to Lurie, the fast field-cycling scanner gives an extra dimension to data that is collected from each patient, which he believes greatly expands options for diagnosis and treatment in a myriad of cases.  

To learn more about this first of its kind MRI scanner, read the full article here.