SONOSCANNER obtains FDA approval to market ultraportable ultrasound scanner, U-lite EXP, in the U.S.

Ivry-sur-Seine, - SONOSCANNER, a French company specializing in ultrasound systems, today announced that it received the Food and Drug Administration's approval (FDA) to market its new multi-purpose device, the U-lite EXP, in the United States, starting in October 2017.

U-Lite EXP: the versatile, high performance and ultraportable ultrasound scanner

Following the commercialization of the U-lite in 2015 in United-States, SONOSCANNER's second generation of ultraportable ultrasound scanner, the U-Lite EXP, offers an improved diagnostic performance through a better image definition. The user is much more confident in his clinical diagnoses. Indeed, by proposing probes up to 256 elements 18Mhz, SONOSCANNER increases the resolution two-fold compared to traditional ultrasound systems. U-Lite EXP's very high-definition probes allows such diagnoses as small mammary tumors or musculo skeletal pain diseases: this is the reason why more and more radiologist have equipped their offices

With its 6 high-definition interchangeable probes and its patented probe connector, the U-Lite EXP can perform a wide range of examinations in many specialties: gynecology, obstetrics, urology, anesthesia, endocrinology, osteoarticular and general medicine. Lightweight (less than 600g), with an intuitive touch-screen interface, the device has been designed to meet the challenges of mobility and ease of use. Its mobility and versatility have enticed more than 340 French practitioners, in the last months, to buy it for their practice and visits.

U-lite EXP's technology is covered by 3 international patents. Several studies are in progress in American medical centers and hospitals in New York, Chicago and Houston: The primary objective is to inform its users on the device's potential through scientific and medical publications.

FDA approval: U-Lite EXP wants to conquer the American market

The U-Lite EXP is a commercial success in Europe and a leader in its category, and has a promised bright future on the American market.

Over 6 billion dollars in 2017 is expected for the all models' global ultrasound market - United States accounts for 35% of this market - SONOSCANNER is now undertaking a further step forward in its international development. The ultraportable US market - estimated at $400 million by 2020 - represents a major challenge for the French company. SONOSCANNER's sales team, made up of representatives and authorized distributors, covers the whole American territory today.

SONOSCANNER maintains a strategy consistent with its values, which are widely developed at the national level: supporting the development of healthcare accessibility, addressing the challenges of medical deserts and mobility challenges, and meeting the needs of practitioners by proposing lighter material and improved performances of diagnostic tools.

Thereby, by widely opening the ultrasound practice, SONOSCANNER offers, with the U-lite EXP, a tool particularly adapted to helping practitioners make early and reliable diagnosis.

If you want to test the U-lite EXP, come and meet SONOSCANNER at the RSNA (11.26 to 12.01.2017) and the JFR (10.13 to 10.16.2017) trade fairs.