ACC: Integrating Cardiac Imaging & Patient Data
 The 56th Annual American College of Cardiology Annual Scientific Sessions are headed to the Big Easy this month. This year’s event will highlight a number of spotlight education sessions and topic tracks involving the latest in integrated imaging, as well as imaging and diagnostic testing. The event is focused on a commitment to the latest cutting-edge science, organizers say, and will be very much focused on prevention and treatment on a global scale. The goals of the program include the translation of evidence-based cardiovascular science and clinical trials information into clinical practice, along with discussions relating to the latest in practice management, care quality, and ethics.

What follows is an overview of what a variety of vendors will be showcasing on the exhibit hall floor. Look for an emphasis to be placed at the show on cardiology workflow and information management, along with system integrations that aim to combine the best of multiple systems.

Agfa HealthCare (Booth #2823) is showcasing its Agfa Heartlab Cardiovascular product suite for secure access to critical cardiology information. Built for demanding clinical and workflow needs, Agfa’s cardiovascular solution is designed to improve communication and boosts productivity through various features including tightly integrated structured results management, vendor-neutral ECG management, and multimodality cardiology and vascular image analysis.

Agfa HealthCare also is demonstrating the HeartStation ECG Management System, which allows rapid review of computer-generated reports, serial comparison, editing, and electronic signing of final ECG reports through an extraordinarily easy-to-use physician interface.

BRIT Systems (Booth #140) is highlighting its recent partnership with Mercury Computer Systems, through which Mercury is providing advanced 3D capabilities for the BRIT Linux workstation via the integration of the Mercury Visage CS Thin Client Server. BRIT also is demonstrating the 3D imaging tools native to its Roentgen Files PACS that are available on any BRIT Vision workstation.

Candelis ImageGrid 1500Candelis (Booth #1661) is demonstrating its ImageGrid 1500 PACS appliance and is unveiling its XML to DICOM conversion module, an option for the ImageGrid product line, which enables conversion of digital imaging data, and archive and management of electrocardiogram studies.

The ImageGrid is a line of DICOM industry-standard PACS appliances optimized for digital-image access and routing. It provides simplified image management and highly reliable storage and archive capabilities in a fully-integrated storage server platform.

Cardinal Health (Booth #2056) is showcasing its full suite of services that help clients open, operate, staff and manage a safe, compliant and profitable nuclear imaging lab. The suite includes:
  • LABComplete — a comprehensive tool for starting up or expanding a nuclear imaging lab;
  • ICANL Accreditation — providing resources and tools for creating a safe, compliant imaging lab environment;
  • Cardiology Technology Solutions Suite including SYNtac department management software and CardioWriter ASNC/ICANL compliant report generating software;
  • Clinic OneSource Solution cost savings programs;
  • Innovative Safety Solutions for handling radioactive materials;
  • Continuing Education services for online, at home or in office;
  • PET Services and PET Foundations — to increase patient volumes and improve patient care; and
  • DataMetrix benchmarking tools to help analyze and enhance the financial performance of your nuclear pharmacy

Digisonics DigiView Image Management & Reporting SystemDigisonics (Booth #1656) is highlighting its DigiView Image Management & Reporting System that combines image review workstations, a PACS image archive, an integrated clinical database, comprehensive measurements and calculations package, and highly configurable reporting. DigiView exceeds HIPAA requirements with full security, an audit trail, and electronic signature facilities.

Another system, DigiNet Pro, provides web-based access to the entire cardiovascular image management and reporting system, while the company’s WebView is an easy-to-use tool for secure online viewing of stored patient information, images, and reports for cardiovascular modalities. 

Addtionally, the Digisonics Rolodex is a tool for automating transmission of finalized reports to referring physicians and sites through fax, e-mail and print options.

EMC Centera content addressable storage systemEMC Corporation (Booth #3061) is exhibiting ways of storing cardiology PACS and healthcare information with tiered-networked storage platforms that provide the availability, reliability, scalability, and performance needed by the healthcare organization. The company’s EMC CLARiiON CX3 UltraScale Series has been built to offer this type of service. Moreover, EMC Cardiology PACS Solutions with Partners enable a healthcare organization’s cardiology service to gain critical clinical viewing of complex high resolution cardiac images from anywhere in the cardiology service. Additionally, the next-generation EMC Centera content addressable storage (CAS) provides active archiving for the cardiac catheterization lab, nuclear medicine, echo cardiology lab, to the operating room suite. 

Emageon (Booth #1057) is highlighting its HeartSuite of integrated, enterprise cardiology tools comprised of various components: a cardiovascular information system; multi-modality advanced visualization; archive/content management; a hemodynamic monitoring system; and 3D CT/MR visualization.

Additionally, the company’s Enterprise Visual Medical System (EVMS) is able to combine HeartSuite with information from radiology and other specialties for a full patient-centered visual medical record.

GE Healthcare (Booth #433) is demonstrating its LightSpeed VCT XT, a CT scanner designed to maintain high image quality while reducing a patient’s radiation exposure by up to 70 percent during diagnostic cardiac scans via SnapShot Pulse technology. SnapShot Pulse automatically responds to a patient’s heart rate, turning the CT x-ray on and off at desired times during a patient’s heart rate cycle.

The company also is highlighting its Discovery VCT, a 64–slice PET/CT system for cardiac imaging applications.

GE’s cardiovascular ultrasound highlights include the Vivid 7 Dimension console system with real-time 4D imaging, and the Vivid i and Vivid e compact, laptop-size systems designed the point-of-care.

GE’s cardiovascular ultrasound highlights include the Vivid 7 Dimension with real-time 4D imaging for the everyday clinical routine. The compact system is now available with stress echo and TVI and the smaller Vivid e designed for the physician office.

GE’s diagnostic cardiology highlights include the MobileLink wireless ECG communication system with enhanced security, and Cardiosoft multi-modality cardiology workstation with the Easy One CS application for spirometry.

Finally, the company is showcasing the Centricity Cardiology, an IT system with three tiered offerings for administrators, physicians and IT managers, to streamline clinical workflow, improve the quality of care and optimize administrative management.

INFINITT Cardiology PACSINFINITT North America (Booth #5533) is demonstrating its INFINITT Cardiology PACS, constructed as a complete image management system for cardiology enterprises. It provides a full range of image management tools, including image acquisition, storage, displays and web distribution devices. It also is designed for virtually all diagnostic procedures.

In the case of x-ray angiography and ultrasound, the system offers numerous cardio-specific 2D analysis tools. For XML-based ECG, the application can display, measure and print the ECG signals. In addition, the user interface and system architecture offer configurable work list management, as well as customizable display protocols. Enhanced 3D processing and customizable reports are provided to improve diagnostic quality and productivity.

McKesson ECG management systemMcKesson (Booth #813) is showcasing its new ECG management system, a centralized diagnostic ECG data management system built to enable enterprise-wide data access for clinical and administrative staff. Fully integrated with McKesson’s Horizon Cardiology cardiovascular information solution (CVIS), the ECG solution can improve critical information workflow by enabling physicians to review recent ECG procedures in the cardiology labs, including the cath and echo labs. Furthermore, full web support allows physicians to access and review ECG exams together with other cardiology procedures from remote locations.

Medrad Avanta Fluid Management Injection SystemMEDRAD (Booth #2447) is displaying its Avanta Fluid Management Injection System, intended to help cardiovascular healthcare professionals improve patient and operator safety and create precise clinical outcomes while providing process and cost efficiencies. It is capable of controlled delivery of contrast at low flow rates and low pressures in variable mode to enable injections of small vessels like the coronary arteries, as well as at high flow rates and high pressure in fixed mode for larger vessels and peripheral imaging.

The company also is featuring its Vanguard Dx Angiographic Catheter with a patented RadiantFlow tip technology.

NAI Tech Products (Booth #3472) is featuring its MDR Medical Digital Recorder that provides high resolution video capture to DVD and the company’s DICOM interface, the DICOM box.

Philips Medical Systems (Booth #2133) is showcasing its Allura Xper FD20 and the Allura Xper FD10, as part of the company’s work-in-progress Ambient Experience. The Allura Xper FD20 is a versatile system designed for both cardiac and vascular interventions. The Allura Xper FD10 is being shown to demonstrate that improved design can add to the experience of both patients and clinicians.

Also, The Allura Xper FD20 and FD10 monoplane and the FD10/10 biplane systems give interventional cardiologists tools that provide an instant accurate 3D model of the coronary arteries and other capabilities.

In the CT realm, Philips is demonstrating its CT TrueView technology, which integrates CT into the cath lab by allowing 3D CT images to be transferred to the Philips Allura Xper FD cardiovascular x-ray system.

For CT comprehensive cardiac analysis (CCA), Philips offers a high-end analysis tool designed for cardiologists, cardiac radiologists and CT technologists to perform detailed evaluation of the coronary arteries and advanced ventricular functional analysis.

Philips also is demonstrating its EP Navigator system and a Allura FD system to enable direct 3D registration and continuous volume image tracking with C-arm orientation.

ProSolv CardioVascular (Booth #3541), a Fujifilm company, is highlighting its enterprise image and information system integrated with the Fujifilm Synapse technology.

ProSolv also is demonstrating its web-based CPACS software Web Analyzer. This updated version of the Analyzer software uses the Microsoft Active X technology for optimal image display and manipulation. Users have access to all of the tools and options of the installed client software from virtually anywhere.

Another upgrade being showcased is the universal console feature. This single user interface enables IT staff to manage the core server-side components of the ProSolv system.

RADinfo Systems (Booth #367) is highlighting its core product PowerPACS for various specialties including orthopedics, cardiology, veterinary, dental, ophthalmology, mammography, along with a CR Workstation. Also, the company’s professional services include software development, consultation, integration, installation and 24x7 technical support.

Sage Software (Booth #2063) is featuring its Intergy EHR with key features including preventative and treatment guidelines unique by practice; specialized views of the patient’s chart instantly provide a comparative flowsheet of vital signs; laboratory results, and even medication dosage — all from a single screen.

The company also is bringing its full Intergy suite of tools designed to simplify business processes for physicians and practice managers, bringing together practice management, electronic data interchange (EDI), claim tracking and cash flow management into a single package.

ScImage multi-department workflow systemScImage (Booth #845) is demonstrating its latest web-based cardiology viewing suite. Gated SPECT and nuclear stress test images can be viewed from anywhere to eliminate the need for dedicated workstations in routine clinical viewing. Automatic sequence identification and viewing protocols allow two-stage and four-stage stress echo viewing simply and efficiently. Auto measurement update between the echo viewer and report generator allows physicians to refine measurements made by technologists or add new measurements in a web-based environment. The suite also features a DSA pre-processing module built into the DICOM server that provides auto viewing of subtracted images over the web without the need for dedicated workstations. ScImage’s cardiology viewing suite enables a content-rich diagnostic environment that includes cath, echo, nuclear, EKG and cardiac CT.

Siemens Medical Solutions (Booth #2733) is demonstrating its AXIOM Sensis XP, the new generation of the company’s integrated recording system that combines both hemodynamic and advanced EP (electrophysiology) applications in one system. AXIOM Sensis XP delivers clinical workflow support through customizable templates, integrating database entries and key images. Other products being showcased include:
  • syngo Dual Energy applications for the SOMATOM Definition, as well as SOMATOM Sensation Web Selection, a web-enabled CT. Web Selection provides instant accessibility of 3D volume data anytime, anywhere;
  • syngo TWIST, a technique for 4D magnetic resonance (MR) vascular imaging that provides speedy image acquisition and is built to permit additional parallel imaging acceleration; 
  • syngo BEAT, which combines cardiac MRI — morphology, function, tissue characterization and 3D coronary anatomy — in one simple tool; 
  • Soarian Cardiology 2.0 is a new multi-modality, scalable cardiovascular information system designed to streamline clinical, financial and operational workflow across throughout cardiology care;
  • syngo Dynamics — a multi-modality, dynamic image review, diagnosis and archiving system.

SonoSite (Booth #1256) is highlighting its MicroMaxx hand-carried ultrasound system with embedded IMT capabilities. Clinical research has shown that the thickness (T) of the two innermost layers of the carotid artery wall, the intima (I) and media (M) begins to increase before plaque is evident within the vessel.  This increased wall thickness is associated with an increased risk of cardiovascular disease. SonoSite’s patented SonoCalc IMT software on the MicroMaxx system supports:
  • Fully automatic and manual IMT measurements;
  • Auto-editing (adjusting lumen and adventitial borders;
  • Capturing multiple measurements (IMT, plaque and diameter reduction); and
  • Generating average mean IMT and average maximum IMT for the study.

TeraRecon’s (Booth #445) is highlighting its Aquarius product suite that offers optimal clinical workflow, advanced visualization, and comprehensive image management solutions for volumetric imaging data to help manage the slice overload challenges faced today by diagnostic imaging facilities and the healthcare enterprise beyond. The Aquarius systems also offer automated pre-processing, an advanced workstation for the power user, a powerful yet streamlined reading tool for the diagnosing physician, and fast, direct review tools for referring physicians.

Toshiba Vantage powered by AtlasToshiba America Medical Systems (Booth #2414) is demonstrating various cardiac imaging technologies in different areas. In ultrasound, the company is bringing its Aplio XG and for the first time the system’s cardio package will be featured with the new comprehensive cardio package with several proprietary technologies, such as Tissue Doppler Imaging Quantification (TDI-Q) — software that allows clinicians to perform various analyses for TDI images, measuring myocardial viability.

Toshiba also is featuring its new Virtual Explorer Workstation Version 3.0 for the Vantage 1.5T MRI, a complete 3D, post-processing tool for MR analysis and display. Also at ACC will be the company’s EXCELART Vantage powered by the Atlas 1.5T system. The system is built for performing coronary MR angiography procedures to detect, diagnose and aid the treatment of heart disorders, stroke and blood vessel diseases.

In x-ray, the company is introducing its Infinix VF-i/SP x-ray system — a universal cardiovascular system designed to accommodate diagnostic and interventional procedures.

Toshiba is also showcasing its cardiac applications for its Aquilion 64 CFX CT system. The phaseXact feature (part of the SURECardio package) works to locate the best phase of the heart cycle, improving image quality and eliminating the need to reconstruct excess data. This decreases reconstruction time by nearly 50 percent.  Another advancement being showcased is the SUREPlaque application, which allows clinicians to easily characterize and quantify coronary remodeling in the coronary vessels.  The entire Aquilion product line uses Toshiba’s Quantum Advantage to deliver the same 0.5mm isotropic slices and low contrast resolution. In addition, the Aquilion 64 CFX is the only CT system being used in the coronary evaluation on 64 (CorE 64), the first multi-center clinical trial to focus specifically on computed tomography angiography (CTA) using 0.5mm 64-slice CT technology, Toshiba said.

Vital Images Vitrea Version 4.0 Vital Images (Booth #2813) is showcasing its next generation Vitrea software Version 4.0 that includes enhancements to its cardiovascular applications including its CT coronary analysis and vascular CTA tools. Specifically, the tools include new features such as automatic segmentation of major coronary vessels, plaque measurement for both coronary and peripheral vessels, an application for pulmonary vein ablation planning and other automation and visualization tools.