College dropout's 3D scanner may diagnose heart disease in 90 seconds

Just 22-years-old and a CEO of a biotech company, Peeyush Shrivastava aims for the remarkable, regardless of age. He hopes to engineer a 3D scanner capable of diagnosing heart disease in 90 seconds.  

Shrivastava is CEO and co-founder of Genetesis. He and two friends started the company before heading off to college in 2013, but Shrivastava dropped out of college his sophomore year to work in the company full time.  

According to a recent report by CNN, the company's new 3D scanner, called the Faraday, uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to create thousands of 3D maps of a patient's heart, helping doctors identify what causes chest pain in 90 seconds, according to CNN. Ultimately, the noninvasive scanner may speed up the diagnosis process that can reduce patient costs and visits to the hospital.  

"The beauty of magnetic fields is, they are undistorted by the lungs, by the skin, so the signal you're getting is very high-fidelity. It's very pure," Shrivastava told CNN. "So, you can hold sensors right above the chest and still get that high-quality signal. No radiation. No contact. No nothing." 

Shrivastava explained that his team, currently finishing applying for the scanner's approval from the FDA, wants to expand its imaging platform to other areas of the body. 

"We want this to be treated as the ER standard not just for chest pain or cardiac-related abnormalities," Shrivastava said. "This is a technology that is not specific to any organ. Any organ that emits a magnetic field should be able to be mapped by our device." 

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