NHS England chooses 3D coronary imaging system for innovation program

NHS England has selected HeartFlow's analysis system to be a part of its Innovation and Technology Payment (ITP) program, according to an April 10 article by Cardiovascular Business.  

HeartFlow's FFct Analysis will be funded by the ITP with NHS England, providing reimbursement for its usage. 

The system uses data from coronary computed tomography angiograms to develop 3D models of a patient's coronary arteries, and in going so uses algorithm to kick of blood flow and assess the effects of blockages. Reducing patients costs and unnecessary diagnostic angiography procedures is the goal, according to the article. 

“We are delighted that NHS England has chosen to fund and to help encourage widespread adoption of the HeartFlow Analysis as part of the ITP program,” said John H. Stevens, MD, president and CEO of HeartFlow, in a prepared statement. “We look forward to working with NHS England to improve efficiency and the patient experience while delivering cost savings as demonstrated in our clinical trials.”