Toshiba upgrades Infinix-I series vascular x-ray system
Toshiba America Medical Systems Inc. has released software upgrades (v3.5.1) for the Infinix-i series vascular and cardiac imaging system that include 3D image fusion, advanced imaging controls and image transfer capabilities.
The upgrades will enable the Infinix-i series and the Vitrea 2, a PC-based 3D workstation, to perform 3D bone fusion angiography, allowing the fusion of bone volume with the associated vessel volume to facilitate interventional decisions by clearly delineating bone and vessel relationships, Toshiba said.
The system also offers independent control of Window/Level in separate volumes, which constitute a fused volume (device/vessel or bone/vessel); dynamic display of 3D volume relative to positioner projection to indicate out-of-range viewing angles; and the ability to transfer displayed images from the workstation back to the acquisition system for use as reference images for automatic C-arm positioning during interventional procedures.
Toshiba debuted the Infinix-i series system with the new upgrades at the Annual Scientific Meeting of the Society of Interventional Radiologists (SIR), March 31 - April 5, in New Orleans.