X-ray's Vision for 2003
The advance of digital radiography is among the technological highlights at RSNA 2003, as vendors add more versatility and features to systems for the benefit of healthcare providers and patients.

Siemens Medical Solutions (booth #1740) brings to RSNA 2003 the new Axiom Artis dTA, its digital ceiling-mounted universal angiography C-arm system equipped with flat-panel detector (FD) technology. The new system is designed for comprehensive routine diagnoses with advanced 3D image quality, maximum radiation protection and optimal network connectivity.

In addition, Siemens' Axiom Artis dTC is billed as a fully digital cardiac imaging system equipped with FD technology and supported by a ceiling-mounted C-arm for greater accessibility. Also on the agenda is Siemens' Axiom Artis dFC magnetic navigation imaging system, a single-plane C-arm angiography system with a dynamic flat detector for cardiac diagnostics and interventions, and electrophysiology.

For surgery, Siemens will demonstrate the Siremobil Iso-C3D, a mobile C-arm with intra-operative 3D imaging capabilities. The division also will present as a works-in-progress, the new mobile x-ray system, Mobilett XP, with 10 times more imaging power and improved handling, Siemens says.

Quantum Medical Imaging (booth #1142) is showing off its QV-800 Universal digital imaging system. Shipments of the system began in May. The QV-800 Universal system's C-arm design requires only a single imaging receptor and appropriate for all patient examinations.

Quantum also exhibits its new QT-711-EV elevating float-top mobile table with 600-pound patient load capacity. The motorized elevating feature allows the table to be lowered down to 22 inches and elevated up to 34 inches for transfer of patients from a stretcher or wheel chair.

In addition, the company's new Verti-Q Tilt/Rotate is a motorized tilting wall stand unit with a rotational receptor feature, designed for use with DR system applications. The unit has a rotational receptor feature, which allows the receptor unit to rotate 90 degrees for use with single-panel DR systems.

Toshiba America Medical Systems (booths #1551 & #7749) brings to Chicago its upper-end Infinix VC "I" x-ray system for interventional and diagnostic cardiovascular exams. TAMS' Infinix "i" series platform is a new architecture based on dual PC processors and incorporates a one megapixel CCD with real-time processing.

TAMS' Ultimax is an all-digital, multi-purpose system designed to accommodate vascular and non-vascular exams with a small footprint. Standard features include table tilt of 90-90 degrees, one megapixel CCD imaging and DVD archive.

Rounding out TAMS' offerings will be the Efficiency Plus all-digital R/F system with table tilt of 90/45 degrees, 80 kW generator, one megapixel CCD imaging, DICOM work list management and multitasking digital processor. At a lower price point, TAMS' Tosrad Plus is a radiographic system with floor and ceiling mount configurations for high volume bone and chest imaging. 

Fujifilm Medical Systems USA Inc. (booth #7713) is introducing its newest digital x-ray system, the FCR Velocity-U, as an addition to Fujifilm's SpeedSuite configuration. As of press time, the system was pending FDA clearance. FCR Velocity-U has a throughput of 240 images per hour.

Fuji's ClearView-CS is a cassette-based, digital x-ray system scheduled to begin shipments this month. Fuji's patented dual-sided reading technology of the ClearView-CS results in 100 percent higher detective quantum efficiency (DQE). Spatial resolution sampling is 50-microns for both 18-by-24 cm and 24-by-30 cm cassettes. The ClearView-CS also processes up to 178 imaging plates per hour and can be field upgraded for mammography applications.

Edge Medical Devices (booth #2553) is launching a series of products at RSNA 2003. The products will be available for sale in Europe in early 2004 and in the United States following FDA clearance.

Edge's Quix-FP 100 Basic Kit includes a Quix flat-panel detector, a frame grabber/controller card, and an SDK, which minimizes time-to-market for OEMs developing new DR systems using Edge products. Edge's Simplex system includes a thin-profile Quix-DB digital bucky, featuring a Quix-FP flat-panel detector, GridSafe grid handling system and detector-integrated five-field AEC, combined with an operator console.

In addition, Edge's new Legato system includes a digital bucky mounted on an automated tilting radiographic stand. The works-in-progress Presto system combines an elevating and float-top articulated table with the Legato system to create an in-patient positioning system for digital radiography rooms, particularly in high throughput settings.

Philips Medical Systems (booth #1352) is showcasing the Eleva line of x-ray systems, including the MultiDiagnost Eleva, EasyDiagnost Eleva and the OmniDiagnost Eleva. Philips' Eleva technology is a universal x-ray system, which offers multi-functionality for clinicians and patients.

The OmniDiagnost Eleva is a multi-functional, remote-controlled x-ray system, while the EasyDiagnost Eleva is among the world's best-selling conventional RF systems.

Eastman Kodak Co. (booth #2729) is rolling out its new tabletop-configured DirectView CR 500 system. The CR 500 is designed to process more than 60 plates per hour and provides an image for review in less than 60 seconds (based on 35-by-43 cm cassettes). The CR 500 supports the same image processing software and operator interface as other Kodak DirectView CR systems. The company is targeting smaller healthcare facilities for the CR 500.

Orex Computed Radiography (booth #4550) is enhancing new features of its (CR) products, including increased speed and throughput of up to 75 cassettes an hour on a single scanner and speed of up to 150 cassettes per hour on the dual scanner.
The newly designed system also is lighter, at 44 pounds, and offers a space-saving movable cart and range of cassette sizes. Orex's new ultra-fast scan time option can be selected and the small footprint is designed to benefit installations where space is a premium.

In mammography, GE Medical Systems' (GEMS, booth #4550) Premium View is a new breast algorithm for the GE Senographe 2000D full-field digital mammography system. Premium View is designed to increase to optimize image contrast and automatically display more detailed information to assess breast cancer.

Premium View also is designed to optimize the contrast in breast images in one image window, reducing the need for windowing and additional steps to view the images.

U-Systems Inc. (booth #2165) exhibits its high-resolution FFBU - Full Field Breast Ultrasound - system which operates similarly to a standard mammography system and captures ultrasound images of the entire breast. The scan of the breast takes approximately 60 seconds and acquires 400 to 800 2D ultrasound frames.

U-Systems also plans to show its Somography image processing software, which converts acquired data into mammogram-like ultrasound tomographic slice images - or, as the company refers to them, Somograms. Slices are displayed in the constructed Somogram thin slice format and reconstructed orthogonal 2D image.