3001 Medical announces R&D focus
3001 Medical -- a recently launched developer of virtual reality (VR) medical products -- plans to focus on R&D development of a head mounted display for medical imaging and procedure guidance along with other technologies, the company said.

3001 Medical's imaging display technology is built to enable physicians to display patient-specific radiological images directly in their field of view when performing medical procedures. Future development could possibly lead to decreases in complication rates associated with a wide variety of medical procedures, such as vascular access, bedside procedures, percutaneous biopsies, aspirations, and device placements, according to the company.

"Our primary aim is to bring a cost-effective, head-mounted medical imaging display to market. Our proprietary visualization technology will have applications in virtually every medical specialty, and will provide physicians performing procedures what is analogous to `x-ray vision'," said William Mills, MD, 3001 Medical president. He added, "Being able to see a patient's internal structures before placing a needle through a patient's skin will offer dramatic advantages in efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, will ultimately improve patient safety."
3001 Medical is a division of VR technology company 3001 AD, LLC.