3D: Image Enhancements, a Dimension at a Time
Radiology gains new dimensions with new and improved 3D software debuting for a spectrum of radiology images. Enhancements boost performance, workflow, image quality and measurements and reduce overall prep and reading time.

Vital Images Inc. (Booth #7763) brings to Chicago its VitalConnect software package. The FDA-cleared medical diagnostic software allows physicians to use PCs or notebook computers to access 2D, 3D and 4D visualization capabilities from a web-enabled thin-client server. With CT, MR and PET datasets, as well as a variety of other medical imaging modalities, users can analyze, measure, rotate and segment the images.

VitalConnect allows viewing of fused images from two different scanning modalities (such as PET/CT) at the same time. In addition, VitalConnect includes a collaboration mode which enables multiple physicians in different
locations to confer while interacting with the same images in real time. This software was adapted from a product developed by HInnovation, a company Vital Images acquired in February.

Barco (Booth #8537), in its first RSNA displaying its newly acquired 3D capabilities with Voxar, is previewing version 5.1 of Voxar 3D software. Several enhancements designed to reduce reading time, improve performance, productivity and enhance workflow navigation, and image quality will be demonstrated alongside Barco's new vessel analysis software option. Voxar 3D's vessel analysis provides radiologists with a task-based workflow for quantitative analysis of contrast-enhanced CTA and MRA studies including: stenosis; stent and stent graft planning; and stent graft surveillance.

GE Healthcare (Booth #2700) is showcasing its next-generation CT colonography technology, Advantage Colon. The new application provides a 360-degree dissection view of the colon as an alternative to the standard 2D or 3D reading approach. The 360-dissection virtually unrolls the colon so that the entire internal colon wall is displayed for the physician.

SmartPACS (Booth #8549) is showcasing Rapidia version 2.8, a 3D visualization tool that runs on a normal PC. Version 2.8 incorporates brain subtraction, vessel analysis, virtual colonoscopy and calcium scoring tools and enables 2D editing and segmentation, MPRs, 3D shaded/unshaded volume rendering, MIP/MinIP and endoscopic views.

Viatronix (Booth #1353) is releasing at RSNA an updated version of its V3D-System that now offers improved clinical workflow and added features such as PACS query and retrieve as well as DICOM store.

The Viatronix V3D-Vascular also has been enhanced with complete automatic segmentation of carotid arteries. With this feature, V3D-Vascular generates customized batch images that are ready for PACS storage without a single click of the mouse for the end-user. Fully automatic carotid extraction also allows the user to immediately obtain any 2D or 3D view of the carotids.

Able Software Corp. (Booth #1440) is showing off 3D-Doctor at RSNA. Creating 3D surface models and volume displays from cross-sectional images, the software provides doctors with tools to use 3D images for CT, MRI, PET or microscopy. The software provides measurement functions to measure 3D volume, distance, 3D locations, thickness, area of a region, surface area, image density profile and image histogram of a region in any shape. The product's advanced image processing functions include template-based scanned film cropping, 3D image re-slicing, segmentation, and registration and image fusion of multi-modality image sources.